Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am giddy! What a special day today is! Brandon and I are having a "Retro Valentine's Day" this year! We are sort of redoing our first Valentine's day which was six years ago. Six years ago our relationship was just beginning and Brandon created a game called the "Kinda Random Get to Know You Game" where we had several categories or things to find around our house to show to the other as we described our favorite color, movie, family vacation, etc. This year we are playing the "Kinda Random Celebrating Our Marriage Game!!!" We are finding objects to represent things like: most practical gift the other person has given us, a quality we really appreciate about the other that we don't often acknowledge... there are several more. Anyway, tonight after dinner (he is making it now) we will play the game and talking about special memories. I am SO SO SO excited! Just like our first Valentine's Day I am in charge of dessert. As someone who can't eat dairy, gluten, or refined sugar, this is a challenge. I searched books and created Heart "sugar" Cookies, and an Apple Upsidedown Cake! I will have to post the recipes if they end up tasting good!!!!
For those of you who our single...
This is a special day for you too! I had great fun in my college days going to the store and finding a special card for my future husband. It was fun to shop in the husband section, and even more special to write him a note and a prayer and to present them to him throughout our honeymoon. It was honoring to him to know that I had been thinking about him and praying for him on this day for couples for several years!!!