Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Following our journey

Three posts in one day... wow!
With our update letter in the mail I am guessing some of you are checking out our blog for the first time. If you would like to follow our adoption journey scroll down the page until you find a sidebar that says something like "Where to find info on..." Click on adoption. You will then be able to read all the posts about adoption. One unique thing about blogs is the most recent post is on the top. If you want to follow our journey from the beginning you need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and work your way up!
Happy Reading!

My new job!

We finally have every element we need to convert boxes and boxes of VHS tapes to DVD!!! I am excited to watch these precious home movies and put them on DVD so they can more easily be enjoyed for years to come. This is going to be a huge project that will take several months, yes we have that many VHS tapes, but I am excited about the end product and it will allow me to have meaningful productivity in the waiting for baby!

"...then he skated a victory lap with his daughter, Jane"

Every time I hear these words tears fill my eyes! The Olympics are pretty amazing! I am sure there are some of you who don't agree with me. I know that the Olympics are about competition, earthly treasure, idols etc... I can see where some people wouldn't like them, but that is not how I see the Olympics at all!

I treasure the parade of nations at the opening ceremonies. It is so beautiful to see people representing countries from all over the world! It is beautiful to see countries who "hate" each other experience life and joy together. It is beautiful to see a rainbow of people, different, yet the same. All the countries marching in gets me so excited for "every tribe, every people..." who will be represented in heaven one day! It is beautiful to see athletes encourage and congratulate each other throughout the games. They share a bond that goes beyond country lines.

I also spend much time praying for the Olympics as I know that people with Athletes in Action (campus crusade) do intense evangelism and ministry during this time. Athletes, coaches, and families from VERY closed countries have the opportunity to hear the Gospel! I get chills just thinking about it. Friends, imagine if just a few of these athletes would open their hearts to Jesus. Their home countries revere them, and they would have a huge opportunity to present their Life changing Olympic experience. I think that with the tragedy that happened before the games began, many athletes could be pondering the frailty of life like never before... the door is open friends. Lets be praying for treasure from these games that does not rust!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bloodmoney Movie

I learned about this movie on one of my adoption yahoo groups. It is interesting that I am seeing this trailer one week after reading "The Atonement Child". While reading the book I was fascinated with the sadness that plagues women after an abortion. I always knew it existed, though rarely exposed. I will be curious to find out what happens with this documentary coming soon! I really hope to see it!

Snow Day!

Several times this winter I have anticipated a lovely snow day! Several times I have been let down. I tried not to get my hopes up this time around, but alas a snow day is here!! It has been snowing since I woke up this morning and it isn't supposed to stop until midnight! The inches are piling up, but it is really hard to tell because there is so much blowing that some places seem to have very little snow.

Our adoption update letter is coming soon. The chief editor in our family has had a busy time lately so soon when he does have a day off we will put the finishing touches on things. We do have some news to share, but we are saving what we do know for the update :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh what a Monday!

~It's Monday and I started a grease fire in my kitchen! Major flames and all! Luckily it was put out quickly and I don't think our house smells too bad!

~It's Monday and we got a fresh blanket of snow. I am very out of shape and decided to shovel without doing any stretching first. I am trying to locate a part of me that isn't sore!

~It's Monday and I am almost out of soy milk. We are supposed to have snow until Thursday, so I guess I will be feasting on Cream of Rice sans soy milk for a few days.

~It's Monday and I finally got the new Facebook... since I don't use any applications and don't really care who said what to who I enjoyed having my homepage show status updates only. I am not impressed with the lack of option for this... but it is only facebook... I mean I did put out a fire today... facebook isn't that big of a deal!

~It's Monday and I am incredibly thankful for my wonderful husband, our wonderful church and family, and most of all, for my beautiful savior and King!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Francine February!!!!

For the past year my reading has consisted of adoption and parenting related non-fiction books. Actually, overall I tend to favor non-fiction books. I like to learn about things I am passionate about and I like the finality of each chapter. Well... last year (July) I received Francine Rivers' books "Redeeming Love" and (September) The Atonement Child. Each of these books has been so highly recommended that I knew I needed to read them. Sadly, I never really got motivated to crack them open.
On Tuesday afternoon I was pondering what to do and I looked at my coffee table and saw "The Atonement Child" and decided to read the first chapter and see if I liked it. I was hooked immediately and ended up reading the whole book (400+) pages that afternoon/evening. This is an incredible story about unborn life, hard decisions, sacrificial love and more. It is so realistic and moving as well as frustrating and thought provoking at times. I would love to tell you all about the book, but I would rather you just read it!
On Wednesday Brandon ended up heading to the hospital after 10:00pm. I am not the best sleeper without my sleeping buddy, so I decided to grab "Redeeming Love" and read a bit until I felt sleepy. I finally closed my eyes at about 1:00am (an hour before Brandon came to bed). I read the book throughout the day on Thursday (Yes, I know this is unrealistic for most people to read so much during the week) and finished by Thursday night! This book is longer than the first, but SO good! Francine based the book off of Hosea (the prophet) and Gomer and the story will tear at your soul in so many ways. I really feel it has helped me to process my past and caused me cherish the present! It is an incredible story of God's grace and patience displayed by Michael and a story of despair and redemption for the female lead.
I SO HIGHLY recommend these books! I appreciated them so much that I will most likely ask you if you have read them next time I talk with you! Francine uses so much Scripture and creates such developed prayer lives of her characters that I truly ended these books with a deeper passion for Jesus!
*I also like the Scarlet Thread... Francine can write! She has a beautiful testimony and shares it at the end of Redeeming Love!
I checked out our church library and they have more Rivers books. I decided I need to finish up the grant stuff and work on a few more projects around the house before diving into another book for the sake of my family and the many lists floating around I will stick to non-fiction for a while... but don't be surprised if you stop by some day and find my curled up on the couch with unfolded laundry surrounding me, reading one of these treasures!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Excuses we hear...

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