Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We are alive and we have photos to prove it!

We are still alive! Jesus is Risen! Daddy is home! Life is good!
Brandon was at a conference in FL (poor guy right?) for almost an entire week. We missed him so much. I am finally able to get to the computer to post some photos and respond to emails that should have been responded to long ago. There is always more I want to post about, but never time to say all I want to say. Hopefully I will be "chatty" again soon and fill you in on all that we have been up to. In the meantime, my son is ready to share with you all that he has been up to!

I really enjoy coloring with these cool crayons. I also enjoy eating them. I know they taste nasty, but I can't help myself. I am also partial to throwing them across the room from time to time!

I have no clue what this photo is doing here... mommy, why is this photo here? (I decided to divide my mommy chores into days of the week. Monday is laundry day. Big pile I know, but besides diapers and some bedding I get all the clothes done in one day!)

Oh friends, this was a sad day. My beautiful car broke and life will never be the same again. Daddy took lots of photos of the damage, but I don't think I was insured so my car might be totaled.

Jesus is RISEN!!!! "De-dees AHHH" (That is how he says it then raises his hands:) This is my little family celebrating the Resurrected Jesus.

Mommy wanted me to smell this thing, I thought I was supposed to talk into it!

THEN I found this and wanted to talk into it like my daddy. It didn't work for me... I am going to have to get someone on that!

Mommy tired to get me to preach, but I am just not quite ready so I sat down!

I learned a great secret. If I wake up early on food making day... and then cry A LOT mommy will give in and let me sit on the counter. (Mommy was weak... daddy was gone and I gave in) Once on the counter I can sample all the lovely food coming out of the blender. First I stick my finger in the tray...

then lick on the tasty food! YUMMY!!!

Check out my tall hair before my haircut. I am NOT a haircut fan AT ALL! I didn't even know I could scream that loud. What an experience! My mommy will tell you all about it some day. I know my hair looks silly now, but I am ready to scream again if they ever get out the clippers to even things out!

This is me reading with daddy after my haircut. It was such an upsetting experience that I really need some time to cool off before bed!

Mommy says I am looking like a big boy here! I love finding my hat, shades, and mitten and wearing them whenever I can! I am not convinced that jeans are for me. They are so stiff and I am much more into soft pants! (I am wondering if M wants to have this disguise on after his haircut haha!)