Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TWO my son is TWO!

I can't believe that the little man I met last November in ET is now two years old. We had a great time celebrating M's life yesterday. We had time with Brandon's parents, presents, a trip to the zoo, and dinner with two men from India. Yes, the dinner thing was a bit odd, but our church was hosting them and we wanted to host a meal as well. It was a great evening and we are very excited to partner with them in ministry.

His 2 year check up went very well. We have very exciting news! M is ON THE CHARTS!!! He is in the 2nd percentile for height and weight! He grew 3, yes THREE inches in the last 3 months from 28.5 to 31.5. Way to go young man!

I thought I would show you some photos of M from 17 months until 2 years. I am so excited to see all the photos together as seeing him every day really prevents me from knowing just how much he has grown.

17 months and 3 days 1.11.11 (ET gotcha day)

18 months 2.8.11

19 months 3.8.11

20 months 4.8.11

21 months 5.8.11

22 months 6.8.11

23 months 7.8.11

2 years 8.8.11

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pool, Potty, Playdates and so much more!

Hey friends, M here... it has been a while... have you missed me?

This summer I learned about this amazing thing... it is called a pool! For those who don't know it is a bathtub outside and you wear clothes and splash hard. (Grandma has a great photo from the pool but I lost it so I will post it when I find it)

This is the life!!! (With his love for the pool we can't wait to take him to a water park soon)

Daddy and I sat it this chair a lot for a while. Daddy had a bad hurt in his leg, but he read me lots of books and played with my kitty from the chair so it wasn't such a bad deal for me.

23 months old!!

Mommy is so funny when she is trying to get me laugh.

It is fun to sit on the toilet like a big boy. I went once, but right now I mostly pretend it is a cool chair and enjoy throwing things in the water. Mommy only lets me put a little bit of toilet paper in, but I have big plans and am just waiting for the opportunity.

Hmmm... I wonder what I can get out of this drawer of amazingness?

Success! A glow in the dark pen! I have also reached for several markers, but when I get those mommy grabs them quickly, not sure why?!

Usually I just grab the back of mommy's knee and cry. I appreciate that she thought me me and added these reigns to her knee... it is so much easier to pull her now!

Don't mind me, I am just playing with my "ma-mow" (lawn mower). It carpet really needed a trim!

So apparently you take one joy ride down the stairs and daddy and mommy install multiple gates around the house. I liked being a "helper" with all daddy's tools.

My family and me before the big parade.

We were all really excited for the parade to start. I even got to wear my Ergo. I have a monkey Ergo that I like to wear and mommy and daddy like it because it keeps me safe. I take very good care of my monkey.

My great friend let me wear her glasses. As you can see they fit perfectly and look great on me as well!

Another family photo, you would think it was time to send ET an adoption update or something! It's cool though because mommy and daddy are my favorite people so I am fine being featured with them.

These big boys are so much fun. Their mommy is my mommy's friend. We all went to the park together.

BIG TRUCKS!!!!!! I wish I was still sitting there right now!

Mommy's best friend Ni-nny (Nikky) has a cool phone. If I push the right button I get to see a doggy. Makes me laugh EVERY time!

So funny! I pushed the doggy button again. (Seriously, he pushed it close to 100 times and died laughing EVERY time)

Just hanging out at my table.

Having a big boy snack at my big boy table!

What is this all about mommy? (OK, after lots of good sales on produce out fridge was stocked. I was shocked by the wealth it contained as I thought about the MANY around the world without food. I pondered how we are not wealthy by American standards, but one look at our fridge by world standards and we look like royalty. This could really be a whole blog post, but since I am so behind... maybe it is just something for all of us to ponder and we open our fridges.)

Mommy's Birthday! I wore this shirt for her and decided that for today "M" could stand for Mommy! She let me open her presents, check out her cards, and give her kisses. So much fun!

This is where I spent the afternoon! My first major league baseball game.

Yes, this actually is the best photo from the game. I am sort of a mess without my nap.

Less than 5 minutes into the journey home I was out! What a good day!