Monday, February 27, 2012

Major Photo Update!

This is the aftermath of a drying rack used every other day for a year to dry diapers. Because I am frugal I still have not thrown it away. I "fix" it every time I want to use it. I thought it was too funny not to post. OK, now some photos and comments from my son :)

On a walk with mommy. 1.11.12 Gotcha Day Celebration!

One year as a family of three! Sure do love these too! 1.11.12

1.11.11 Do you think I changed in a year??!!

Faster! Up and down the hills Daddy!

Check out my cool Play-doh. ONE YEAR HOME! Mommy and I made it together! 1.16.12

It doesn't seem like I have grown much, but here is a photo from 1.16.11. This photo was taken in my first minute "home"

We are just checking things out! (Maybe they could tell the fridge was dying)

Hot chocolate (almond milk) is good to the last drop. Of course you know by "hot" I mean nice :)

Daddy, all ready more led (sled) in the nose (like hose, snow of course)!

Kitty Cat kisses (read stick kitty in mouth) are the best!

This is what happens to Kitty's nose after I "kiss" her too much. Sometimes we give her a bath in the washing machine.

I really like looking at our doors filled with Christmas cards and photos.

(mommy writing) One of my favorite Christmas traditions is sending and receiving Christmas cards. I decided a couple of years ago to keep the photos up for an entire year. This way our door stays full and we can see the faces of our family and friends all year. I do take the cards down in Feb. so things look less cluttered. It is a great way to pray for friends as they come to mind so much more this way. Amazingly, M knows almost every name on this door. He has not met many of these people, but we tell them the names and why they are special to us. This year we had the added blessing of receiving cards and photos from many of M's roomies in ET. Seeing families that look like ours on our door will be such an encouragement to M as he grows!

Mommy and I took a road trip. I got to spend time with "two sweet boys" and G-man! I wanted to be just G so I insisted on sitting on the couch with my glasses on just like G! He is so much fun. I hope he visits me soon!

Some of my favorite girls! I miss them so much, but I pray for them A.LOT!

This is what 2 and a half looks like!!!

Pretty excited to "help" mommy make cut out cookies for my Valentine!

My first Valentine's Day date. I waited by the door to give her a card and flowers!

While I was on my date with Jamie, Daddy took Mommy on a date too! He made a special night for her since he loves her a lot!

Aren't they cute?

Go Vikings! Actually look at how big I am in the fridge. I used to be smaller. Check out the photo below!

6.9.11 I was so tiny and a little chunky too!

I like to give L rides in my wagon!

Buckled in and ready to rock in the Burley cart!

Best Box Ever!

L and I like to ride in style!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My little man cracks me up!

For years I have filled post-it notes with cute things little boys say. The boys I nannied for said such cute and sweet and hilarious things and I love looking at those little notes from time to time.

My son is finally joining the post-it note club with his witty comments, milestones, and actions. I feel so blessed that I get to experience these little things with my son. They are not huge in the grand scheme of life, but they are special today.

Here are a few from the last couple of days:

Yesterday afternoon M was eating at the snack table and singing "Our God is Greater." He then got off his chair and touched the dorm fridge (our fridge broke so we have a couple little ones) and sang, "Our God is Greater" to it! Apparently, "Our God is Greater" sounds a whole lot like "re-frig-er-ator." :) We attempted to get this on video.

I taught M how to forward through the numbers to the songs on a CD yesterday. I am not sure if it was a great idea or not. Anyway, his favorite song (for those that don't know it is "Christ Has Risen From The Dead") is number 13 on the CD. He started with #1 and listened to at most 5 seconds of the song before going to the next one. He was saying "no" during each one. I didn't say a word and imagined he would continue the trend through the entire CD. Amazingly, when he got to #13 he smiled and said "there are" (which in his world means "there is it") when the clock read TWO seconds. One impressed mommy here!

This week M has perfected the "L" sounds. He used to say, "ight on" and now can proudly say "Light on." He also uses it when he says, "Daddy home? Daddy lunch? Daddy back E turch?" Today I heard him saying "Hi" to everything he saw. He said, "Hi, light bulb." I think he really likes saying L words! He is also learning to pour on his own and does very well.

M got a "Burry Tart" or Burley Cart (photo blog coming within a week) this week and has been eager to ride in it every chance he can get. The first night he sat in it for over an hour! We are all excited about it as it means more opportunities for us to be active. I took long walks the last 2 days and M stayed toasty warm is his little tent on wheels.

Today at lunch Brandon was having a hot dog, (super healthy, right?) and as usual M wanted to know what he was eating. He told him it was a hot dog. M said, "hot dog?" Then he said "not a cat." Quite sure M thinks that daddy was eating dog for lunch today!

Today after a nice walk we stopped at the church and M decided to practice crossing the street from the church to the parking lot. We did this for an entire hour. I am so thankful that if he sees any moving traffic ANYWHERE in view he not only doesn't go into the street, but also hugs my leg tight.

M has been battling his first cold (or any sickness) since coming home. He has been going through lots of tissues. He is a champ when it comes to blowing his nose. He gets all the gunk out and is proud of his power too! I think he enjoys the added cough drops treats (Zand sugar free) he receives as well.

Sorry for lack of posting, hopefully I will have more motivation soon :)