Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The lure of a good deal... garage sales!

We have been very blessed with hand me down clothes, and toys, and even strollers and changing tables.  I have always thought one day I could see myself as a "garage saler" as it sort of fits my Aldi shopping and coupon clipping personality. 

Last week a friend called me and let me know about a garage sale in an nearby town.  The woman running the sale was done teaching and had LOTS of teaching supplies, posters, books etc.  I was intrigued as a mom who is always on the hunt for good books and extra learning activities.  I ended up finding PLENTY of things I needed and we are now stocked more schooling activities than I imagined while having one 2.5 year old.  Of course it was all for the bargain price of $23.75

After such great success on Thursday I decided to go out again on Friday.  I was in the market for a trike and a double stroller (no this isn't a big announcement, we just walk every day with L and enjoy the freedom of having an optional double stroller as the Burley cart is usually hooked up to the bike these days).  That is all I needed... two items! 

When I arrived at the first sale (a subdivision had at least 4 sales that day) I spotted a double stroller right away.  At $75.00 it was a lot more than I was hoping to spend.  I told the worker that I was looking for something a bit older (and CHEAPER) and she told me she thought the lady next door was selling one too.  Next I spotted a trike.  This was not just any trike, this is the Radio Flyer kind that flips over to become a big wheel.  It was only $10.00  We bought it and hauled it to the car! 

We then walked next door and spotted the double stroller folded up and tucked away in the garage.  I asked if it had sold and the woman told me it had only 10 minutes earlier.  She said the person who bought it was just needing to run and get some cash but was coming back shortly.  I asked if she would mind telling me how much she sold it for and she said $5.00.  I was crushed as it looked like a great stroller and the price was incredible.

Took photo with computer!

Then I spotted THIS:

They were selling it for only $20.00 and I thought it looked great.  I wanted to find one last fall to have some winter fun in our basement, but couldn't find one under $50.  I only had my two door car at the sale so I paid for it and then said I would come back with the truck.  Before I left I spotted a Graco monitor set.  Ours has been making a lot of annoying beeping sounds that M can hear from his room and they actually wake him up.  The woman said it was almost brand new and only $5.00.  I purchased it! 

Once I got home I opened the monitor box and noticed quite quickly that one of the cords was missing.  Bummer!  I decided to bring it back with me when we picked up the fort and ask if the woman would either buy it back or find the other cord.  

On Saturday Brandon (and M and Brandon's dad) and I hopped in the truck to pick up the fort.  As we drove to the house I prayed that somehow the stroller would still be there and I wouldn't have to be lured in to more garage sales for a while. 

When we pulled up I saw it... the double stroller still for sale and still $5.00.  The man never came back for it so she decided to put it out again!  Yahoo!  Better still she couldn't find the power cord so told me she would give me the money back, but I traded her for the stroller!  I couldn't wait to get home and get it cleaned up.  A photo will be up soon once L and M can give it a test run!  No prayer is too small!  God heard my prayers and at least for a while the lure of the garage sale is gone! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Peanut Butter Hummus"

It isn't a secret that M REALLY LIKES what we have coined "Peanut Butter Hummus!"  There is a photo of him enjoying it HERE.  Many people have checked out the Chocolate Covered Katie recipe HERE.  As with most things we have modified it several times.

Here is our version of Katie's recipe:
1 can garbanzo beans, drained (250g)
2 very scant tablespoons of cocoa power
1/4 cup peanut butter
2 full tablespoons of almond milk (or more)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (specified gluten/sugar free)
pinch of salt
scant 1/2 cup agave nectar (you can start with much less and taste as you sweeten)

Since I have a slower blender (it has had quite a work out and isn’t the blender it once was), I cook the garbanzo beans with the water from the can for 30ish minutes before starting to blend.

In a separate bowl I combine all other ingredients until mixed well.  The reason I do this is some of the sweetener and chocolate seemed to get stuck in the bottom of the blender.

Drain the chickpeas and combine with other ingredients and blend until smooth. 

We eat ours right out of the blender.  I guess we are dessert hummus purists :)  I think it would be tasty to use as a dip for fruit as well.  I really think it tastes quite a bit like a peanut butter cup and has LOTS of protein!  Enjoy!

Monday, May 28, 2012


M is really into saying $8.00 for every thing involving a number.  He will still proudly tell you his age and when we was born, but other than that $8 is pretty much the number of choice.   Here are a few of the MANY example of M's appreciation of "$8.00."

Me: M how much do you weigh?
M: $8.00

Me: How old is mommy?
M: $8.00

Me: How much does is cost to buy a new car?
M: $8.00

Me: How tall are you?
M: $8.00

Me: How many friends do you want to come to your Birthday party?
M: $8.00

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The best way to eat a banana

At first I just wanted to practice for corn on the cob...

But then tipping vertically seemed so boring...

So I decided even though it isn't corn on the cob, banana just tastes better this way!

Then I realized this could get a little tricky eventually as there isn't a "cob" to hold everything together.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Friday, May 25, 2012

It has been a while... LONG M update

I feel like the title should be the new name of my blog.  Every time I actually sit down to blog I spend 80% of the entry playing catch up of previous things which have happened. 

Our family has been enjoying the wonderful spring weather on the Lake!  I am shocked and amazed that I have already worn short sleeved shirts several times this season.  I did put on a winter stocking cap during my morning walk today, but overall it is so much warmer here this spring than the last two. 

Walking the streets:
M and I have some super amazing friends called L and L’s mommy.  The four of us decided to get a map of our community and walk on every street in the town.  It sounds and looks so much easier than it is in reality.  We have done about 9 walks so far and we have covered a lot of ground.  We walk an average of 5 miles each walk.  The hard part about where we live is there are not a lot of areas that are set up like a grid that we can weave in and out of.  In general we have to backtrack quite a bit, but that is fun too.  The boys have been real troopers and they enjoy the snacks, scouting for garbage trucks, mail trucks, dump trucks, flashing lights, and of course parks.  We try to stop at parks almost every day so the boys can get some exercise.  Many of the parks do not have bathrooms.  M is of course thrilled by this.  He has discovered a passion for “peeing outside” and since we don’t have other options we have to embrace it to some degree.  We always make sure we are near a wooded area and use the strollers for added privacy. 

Trying new things:
M is a picky eater!  M is a VERY picky eater.  He is not big on temperatures other than “nice” and he is not big on textures other than soft.  Interestingly enough, early intervention, local doctor and Children’s hospital all seem to say his pickiness is “normal” and there is no need to worry.  I still worry about him getting all that he needs nutritionally.  He has a special breakfast that he calls “banana yogurt” or “concrete mixer”  (yes, we live in Culver’s land).  It is actually a fruit and veggie smoothie.  I am too (lazy) busy to make them each day so I freeze and then thaw what I need each day.  His smoothie contains: strawberries, bananas, cauliflower, spinach, flax, chia, and lots of almond milk.  They are actually super tasty.  I find comfort in knowing that he is at least getting some veggies in early in the day. 

He has recently tried and maybe liked: a tiny bit of (GF) pasta, chicken, eggs and onions.
He has tried and FINALLY really likes: blueberries, blackberries, watermelon, mango, and really any fruit. (Update: He now really likes eggs!)

Oh boy!  A couple of months ago M learned the not so lovely word, “mine” and decided it was his favorite word. He then transitioned to “mines” (sort of like yours).  This made play dates, Sunday School, library time, anything and anywhere pretty challenging.  We talked about sharing all.the.time.  We prayed about it a lot.  In fact he would get so worked up about it during prayers that he would scream “NO, NO SHARE!” and we had to pray about it in general terms and using codes.  We talked about how others shared and how they felt about sharing.  We got books from the library that talked about sharing.  We talked and prayed and talked and prayed and then one day, HE SHARED!!!  Now M really likes to share about 85%  of the time.  It isn’t always easy and his best friend L suffers the most from M’s “mine” moments, but wow is it getting better. 

Conversations and quotes:

M says the sweetest and most hilarious things all the time.  We do try to write most of them down.  I will share several of them with you.  Many of the things he says to involve parts of the body and/or body functions.  We do have them written down, but he may not want them shared on here. 

Common phrases:  These are things he says many times a day!

“Oh, OK”  (his response to almost anything)
“Mom, look M’s eyes”  (He says this when he wants to see my eyes. I am most impressed with this as it is an attachment deepening thing when he does it for us and he has learned the power of it and does it for others too)
“M do all myself”
“Mommy, Sharing!”  (Meaning, look at me I am sharing!  Fishing for a compliment around EVERY corner anytime Brandon or I happen to be touching something that belongs to him he informs us that he is sharing)
“Welcome home”  (he likes saying this to Daddy after work.  He also REALLY likes it when someone says it to him whenever he comes into the house for any reason)

Funny Quotes:
-One morning while eating breakfast M started blinking and said, “Siren”  then thought better of it and said, “flashing lights.”

M loves to go biking with Daddy (in the Burley cart).  On one very windy day M came home telling me, “Daddy shirt was blowing off.”  It must have been pretty windy.

M loves to sing and enjoying making up new versions of songs. He also ALWAYS sings a medley.  I don’t think he knows how to sing just one song.  One always flows into another.  A favorite little song is: “Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, Jesus Nose, Jesus Nose.”  Oh dear!

One morning at breakfast M said, “Jesus punch a lamb.”  He then said it again doing a punching motion and saying “ouch” after it.  After Brandon and I swallowed our bites and contained our laughter we told him that Jesus was the Passover Lamb and explained that.  We also said that He is the Lamb of God.  M was convinced.  Later that night Brandon was reading him a book that said something like “God punished the Lamb in our place.” 

The questions have started!  M has said several funny things relating to questions.  The most obvious is “OK, Why?”  This question is always asked in a long series.

Me: We need to go to church
M: OK, Why?
Me: We need to bring this paper to________  a person at church.
M: OK, Why?
You get the point.  He usually says “OK, Why?” at least 6 times before he feels ready to
move on. 

When the questions began M often said, “Hi mommy (or daddy), What’s your name?”
One day at lunch M said, “Pastor Brandon, I have a question for you.”  We all had a good laugh, especially since M had heard others say it but didn’t know what it meant and had no questions for his daddy. 

One morning M found the highlighter on Brandon’s night table and asked what it was.  Brandon told him and M replied, “OK, lighthider.”

M was helping unload the dishwasher (one of his chores) and he asked about unloading the “dustpans” (cutting boards).  I guess they do look a bit alike. 

M likes to say, “Hi mommy girl” or “Hi mommy boy” to be extra funny. 

M said something while we were in the park that sounded like something that a child who is embarrassed about their parents actions would say.  I was running sort of in place (trying to get steps) and M looked at me and said, “Mommy, no running, people here!”

M has an imaginary friend, a girl.  Her name is (this is the best way I can figure to spell it) Guagua Gheeghee!  I am not sure where this came from, but he loves to say it. 

M likes to add funny endings to things or phrases.  He says, “A.B.C.D.E.F.bop!” and “Llama Llama By Anna Bingbong (Dewdney).  He knows what is next in each of these, but is trying to use creativity. 

Other things about M right now:
M will tell anyone who listens his full name, Birthday, and age.  They are pretty clear.  He will also recite his address to us, but I am not sure it would help an emergency person locate our home because it sure doesn’t sound much like an address.

M still loves to dance, sing, listen to music, read books, go for walks, eat snacks and treats, and cuddle with mommy and daddy.

- M has discovered a new love of gum.  He chews the dental gum stuff on occasion and has not swallowed any yet. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

A boy and his (daddy's) truck

Me drime Daddy's truck!

Ready to cruise, but my feet can't quite reach the petals.
Don't worry Daddy, you are in good hands!

It takes lots of focus to drive this big truck!

Just need to adjust the mirrors (over and over again).

Anyone for some music!  OK, Miss PattyCake or Hillsong?