Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A life worth loving

M loves life.  He brings a joy and spark into most things.  These photos are mainly totally random, but the joy in each of his smiles fills my heart and reminds me how blessed I am... and how awesome adoption is... even when the roller coaster of it all is a bit stressful.

M got to have a play date with two other ET buddies. 
Bike pumps are the coolest thing these days. 

OK, I am not in the picture, but my mom says that this is a part of the silent auction amazingness and it brings joy to both of us to look at it.

Do you see the construction mans, real construction mans?  They are shingling the roof. I watch them all day.  They are real construction mans.

Cars in lines... what could be better?

Bring on the snow... I a farmer.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bounce, Hit, and Swing!

Have you ever been to one of those incredible one stop shop places with a bounce house, kid quarter games (also known by some as "kiddie gambling"), mini golf, and more.  Well, our church had a family fun night at a local place like this late this summer.  As you can tell, M loved it all.  I did end up making a trip to the chiropractor after a very ungraceful climb into the bounce house.  I think my mom friends and I had just as much fun in there as the kids did.  I will say that we will not be going to a mini golf course again anytime soon.  After attempting to actually swing and hit the ball in the first hole, we returned the clubs and let the boys throw the balls at the hole.

The guys were coming out and I hit them really fast.
I be really careful in the bounce house.  It really fun.

I like golfing.

I like soccer golfing too.

I like singing with L while throwing the golf ball golfing too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A few summer favorites

It sure feels like summer is over, but since it has been a couple of months since I did any photo blogging it appears that a couple more summer photo posts are in order.  I have 8 photo posts in the works and told Brandon tonight that I need to be a lot more disciplined on blogging so I am not forever playing catch up... where have I heard that before. 
I like golfing, hey I can call it golfing if I want to, right?
I hit the ball really far, time to run.

My first time jumping and already in the air.  Mommy and daddy stayed really close to me while I jumped.

Also, it is fun to dance on these.

L and I are ready to cruise.

I can drive all by myself.

Shucking corn is fun, but eating it is better.

I eventually got all the green stuff off, but the hair was sticky so Daddy helped.

Mommy is really good at playing Play-doh with me.