Sunday, February 3, 2013

China and Ethiopia Adoption Timelines

 I decided to clean up my blog a bit and remove the adoption timelines.  I am back dating these to right when T came home as that will make the most sense in the blog to books I hope to do one day soon.  

M's adoption timeline: 

 ~January 16th 2011 HOME as a family of 3
~January 12th 2011
Embassy date was successful!
~January 11th 2011 (1.11.11)
Gotcha Day!!!
~January 9th-16th 2011 Embassy trip!
~December 23rd 2010 Documents are ready for the embassy! We can make travel plans
~December 14th 2010
Adoption Decree received (on or before)
~November 24th 2010
Court Date #2 We PASSED HE IS OURS!!!!
~November 12th 2010
Court Date #1= fail!
~November 11th 2010 (11.11.10)
Met our sweet son for the first time!
~November 9th- 18th 2010
Court trip!
~October 19th 2010
We got a court date
~September 29th 2010
Case filed for court - Group R
~September 15th 2010 
Received, signed, and returned acceptance packet
~September 13th 2010
Accepted Referral
~September 9th 2010
THE CALL- Referral of sweet Baby M (13 months)
~July 2010  Updated Home Study
~March 19th 2010  Received I-171H
~March 11th 2010  Fingerprinting
~January 21st 2010  DTE/Officially Waiting/Paper Pregnant
~December 21st 2009  Sent in I-600A
~December 21st 2009  Sent in our Dossier to agency
~December 18th 2009 Our 5th ANNIVERSARY
~December 12th 2009  Final Home Study visit
~December 6th 2009 Finished Adoption Training
~December 5th 2009  First Home Study visit
~November 11th 2009  Accepted to the Ethiopia Program!
~November 3rd 2009 Mailed in app. to H.S. agency and Intl. Agency!
~ August 8th 2009 Our son is born in Ethiopia/We move near "the Lake"
~October 2008 Begin praying for our Ethiopian baby!!!
 T's adoption timeline:
1/30/13 Home

1/28/13 CA Consulate Appointment

1/18/13 Head to China

12/27/12 TA Travel Approval

12/12/12 Article 5 pick up

11/28/12 Article 5 drop off

11/27/12 Cabled/PDF from NVC

11/20/12 I800 Approval

10/31/12 LOA/LCS Letter of acceptance/Letter seeking confirmation

9/25/12 OOT Dossier out of translation

8/1/12 PA Pre-Approval

7/26/12 LOI Letter of Intent

7/23/12 REFERRAL!!!!!!

7/12/12 LID Log In Date in China

7/3/12 DTC Dossier To China

6/20/12 Hard copy 797 arrives!

6/18/12 800A email approval

6/14/12 Fingerprinting

5/11/12 Accepted into China program/ mailed in 800A

5/10/12 Homestudy approved and completed

3/19/12 Mail in application

2/16/12 Our Baby Girl is born in China

 All of 2011 - Praying about next adoption

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