Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two months with T!!!!

Two months ago we were in a hotel in Nanchang spending our first night with your daughter (OK actually, they are way ahead of time so we were making her officially part of our family on day 2 by this point).  I can't believe that we have had T with us for two entire months today!  I mean, I really can't believe it.  While the hours and sometimes even the minutes have gone by so slowly, the months have flown by!  I just went back and looked at the blog posts from 1/20/13 and realized how much Sweet T has changed.

She is stronger!  She has great muscle tone.  She can sit on her own.  She can climb.  She can lift.  She can stand unassisted.  She can walk with a push cart.  She can roll over.  She can grasp.  She can crawl, actually, she can speed crawl.

She is weaker!  She no long has as much orphan independence.  She cries when she is hurt or startled.  She likes to and even demands being held.  She reaches up to mommy and daddy.  She quick crawls over to us to be part of our world rather than playing on her own.  She crawls into our laps.  She knows who we are and that she can look to us when things don't go right.

She is softer!  My sweet baby had such rough skin at times I didn't know if it was capable of being smooth.  She feels soft like M now.  Incredible.

She is louder!  She has found a voice and jabbers and sings and copies and laughs.

She is more curious!  While in Nanchang she would literally sit on a bed for a long time and play with the toys in front of her.  That would not happen now!  She would be off that bed in seconds.  She is fast and fearless.  She investigates every garbage can, every speck of dirt on the floor... everything.  Nothing gets past T.

She loves to eat everything!  In Ch*na she ate rice cereal and drank formula.  Here she gladly eats every single thing we offer her as well as anything she happens to find on the floor :)

She is sleepier!  She went to sleep LATE in Nanchang but is now sleeping like a normal 13 month old.  Impressive.  I do believe this is a direct answer to prayer from my YEARS of praying that my next child would be a good sleeper.

She is affectionate!  This is slow in coming.  Little man was a hugging and kissing machine, and T is not there yet, but it seems that she is expressing more affection towards us now.

We have been so blessed these last two months with T.  She is truly a delightful little girl.  She brings smiles to our faces every single day.  We did take some 13 month photos of her on the 16th.  Hopefully I will be able to post them soon.

***update  I can't believe I forgot this one***

She is bigger!  T has gained over a pound maybe close to 2 in the last two months.  I would also guess by the length of her pants on her that she has grown an inch as well.  Her hair is much longer and for brief moments when she forgets it is in, I can clip it out of her eyes.  She came home wearing 3-6month clothes and is now wearing mostly 9-12 month pants!  Wow!  I could wrap my fingers around her midsection and now they are not close to fitting.  Brandon still can so she is still a peanut, but a very much growing peanut!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sick kids, but sweet photos.

 So many times in the sickness I thought, I wish Brandon were here to take a photo of this.  I was able to snap a few photos of him caring for the sick kiddos.  M and T, we love you so much and we are blessed to be your mom and dad even in sickness.  As you can see from this photos, there were many smiling moments in the middle of the sickness.  It was actually good for me to look at these photos and remember that even on the sad days we smiled and laughed.

Lots of cuddles!

M, I know this is not a great photo of you, but you wanted me to take this so we could see how strong you are.  After the photo you set it down and were feeling too sick to pick it up again.

T: Why yes I do drool and drive!

Sunday afternoon nap with daddy.  Actually, this is after M's "nap" but he was still sleepy.

T: M, don't worry, Dr. T is on duty!

T doing something that M loved to do. 

Daddy tackles

moments of laughter!

Silly girl!

T crawled over to M and sat in his lap!  M was proud and despite with the photo might look like, T was happy!

T's new favorite position... remind you of anyone? 

Peek A Boo

More sick cuddles

Sleeping on the job.

Really sleeping!

Daddy helping a girl out because the weight of her head kept waking her up

Loving the laundry basket!

Standing all on her own... this news was part of the drafted blog post from long ago that will get finished one day!

They each crawled in on their own and I found them this way!

M is cozy with some of his favorite girls!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 boys in the basement alone...

Charissa and I should have known something was wrong when the boys were playing so well together in the basement.  I guess they got hungry for foam!

A close up on the chew marks!
So M and L... this is why you will not be playing alone in the basement for a long time!  Also wanted to note that after the photos were taken a large pile of foam pieces was found under the lawnmower.  I guess they were attempting to hide their crime... Hmmm... we figured it out! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The many faces at our dinner table!

This is mainly a post of M's many faces, but his faces were making T laugh so I am including one of her laughing too.  Incredible how he can just from one to another.  He always says, "Look at this face, now look at this face."  I dare you not to smile!!!!  No captions here because the pictures speak for themselves.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Kids... pre-sickness

Hey everyone, a REAL FIREMAN came to my house and I got to lift his helmet!

My friends and I were very impressed with his mask!
Go Vikings!
T: I like this hat on my head!
T: This is so much fun!
T: Now I am just trying to be cute.
T: Teach me something brother!
T: Mommy says I look just like my big brother here!  He used to do the same thing!
T: I am trying to be like you M, but something isn't quite right.