Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tonight at dinner...

T at A LOT!  Since we don't ever want to forget this night I decided to write it down.  I should give the disclosure that we were having leftovers/make it yourself/busy day food.  T insists on eating everything that Brandon is eating in addition to her food. 

Here is what T ate for dinner (also called supper):
One entire hamburger
Two entire eggs
One slice of pizza (her first ever)
1/2 banana
One large serving of banana ice cream (frozen banana and almond milk in the blender)

No wonder she is growing quickly!  Notice something missing?  Yep, me too.  Veggies!  I told Brandon he needs to eat more of them to make them more appealing to her. 

This is when we knew she would be trying her first pizza!  When her arm is out, she means business!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Relatives Came

M loves the book by Cynthia Rylant about the relatives coming.  While we didn't have a car full of family every weekend, we did have family come THREE weekends in a row (yes, Nikky is family).  I think the kids are finally detoxed from the chaos and wonderfulness and spoiledness of the weekends.

It was a huge blessing to have my mom and her parents come down last weekend (like 10 days ago).  The weather was cool, but not raining so we counted that as a win.  It warmed my heart to be able to introduce my grandparents to T and see them all playing together.  Such precious memories.

We got to play outside and inside, head down to the lake, check out the new popcorn store, and go to church together.  We also ate lots of tasty food and desserts. 

Some of the photos got out of order.  They were fine until I tried to add a caption.  Oh well, they are from within 24 hours of each other so I think it is fine.

T: I can swing like the big kids, watch me Daddy!

M: Climb higher T  T: I am not sure about this M.
T getting to know her Great Grandpa Lester.

T hanging out with her Great Grandma Doris (and a naked baby)
M: Good Job Great Grandpa!

T: Hmm, I might need to grow into this shirt.

M: It almost fits me great! "My Grandpa is an EMT.  He saves lives."

T: We all fall down!  (Ring Around The Rosie lover)

M: I have to keep my eye on the ball. 

M: Here is comes Great Grandma!

Enjoying popcorn with the Greats!

Two of my favorite females!

T: Grandma Kathy taught me to smell the flowers and not pull them.  I am really good at it now.

M: Are you watching, I am ready to jump!  (He likes to jump and then do a handstand.  I keep telling him he only has one neck!)
M: G. Grandpa, I need to tell you something.
M: It is nice of him to eat the popcorn we dropped.

4 generations
M: This is the life!
Enjoying the last few minutes before good-byes.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Springtime Smiles

T: All I need is my horse!

T: Yes, I have the horse, now where did I put that hat?  M: I am going to be a Jockey when I grow up!

Home Run!

T: I just learned that sand doesn't taste as great as I thought it would.  Well, I will check again tomorrow and see if it tastes better.

Eating outside is great fun!

T: Joanna and Adrienne!  I am wild (and the time) for you!

M: I feel like a snack.  T: I feel like climbing.

T: Can you believe someone was throwing this almost empty chip bag away? There are still some good crumbs inside.

T: I LOVE dumplings!!!!  I can't stuff them in my face fast enough!

T; Yes, that is mango on my tray... but I NEED more dumplings.

And she hasn't even seen Wizard of Oz.

T: I am a good helper.

T; Everything looks strange... I like it.

T: Yay, M is copying me for a change!  M: Take my picture!
T: What? The rice cakes were begging to be dumped out!  Seriously!
T: Can you believe mommy left a snack bag on the floor for me?

Making music and pretending to eat, just like her big brother!

Empty baby food jar = favorite toy!

T: Is Vinegar as good as Almond Milk?
And at the end of a long day of dealing with grandparent Detox (including wetting his pants on the carpet on purpose "because it is cool" and squirting 4 fruit juice boxes all over the kitchen floor walls and china cabinet) M decided to run outside almost naked!
M: "Daddy, wait I want to go to church with you."  (Direct quote)

M:  "This is hilarious."  (hmmm not really then, but now, yep pretty much!)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mother's Day Pics

I wrote about Mother's Day/Dedication Day HERE but I wanted to show you all some photos from the day as well!
Prayer at T's dedication... so this is what my kids do during prayers huh?

Great of the guys (take note of M's tie).  I guess T and I were smitten with each other.

All of us sporting our camera smiles.  Yes, that is still T's camera smile.

T's best pose in her Traditional Ch!nese outfit.

The BY FAR best photo of me with the kids on Mother's Day.