Tuesday, July 23, 2013


One year ago we got "the call" while we were watching the Waltons. We received an email with photos that night.  I realize I have never shared our first photo of T.  It is hard to imagine how much time I logged in staring at this photo!  We have no clue when it was taken exactly.  She was a little over 5 months when we got the call so it could have been super recent or could have been a month or two old.  What a peanut!  All bundled up! 
Our referral photo of T
T one year later!
The week of significance continues as tomorrow we celebrate a unique milestone.  M came home from Ethiopia when he was 17months and 8 days.  Tomorrow T will be 17 months and 8 days.  Crazy to think about how much she has changed in that time and to observe the ways that she is the same and different than M the day he came home.

We will be getting family pictures taken tomorrow night so we will forever be able to mark the day with photos.

The 30th will also be a special day as it will be a celebration of T being home for 6 months.  I hope to do a 6 month home blog soon.  The 30th also happens to be my Birthday.  Lots to celebrate around here!  God is good!

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