Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hiking with Daddy

Brandon took the kids on a big hike last week.  They went to a park on "the Lake" and had a blast.  The kids actually walked a lot and came home hungry and tired.  I didn't get to experience this event first hand, but the photos filled me in a bit. 

T: Let's go M!  M: Hold on T, I will be setting the pace.  I am the big brother.

M: T walking is a big job. T: Faster M!

M: We should stop and check out this view!

M: See this stick, we should pick one up and throw it off the trail.  T: OK.

M: Yes, that stick will work.  Do you need me to help you pick it up?  T: No, I've got it.

M: Great T!  Now just give it a toss.  T: Well, I am not sure I want to let go quite yet.

M: OK T, I will show you again, you just throw it!

M: I might be smiling, but I am holding on very tight because T likes to do dangerous things.  T: Look, water!  Fun!

M: Hey, we should check out this cool hole.

T: This hole?  OK.  What exactly are we looking for?

M: Cheeeeese!

M: I took this photo of Daddy and T.

M: Some lady took a picture of all of us.  That was nice of her.

M: Throwing rocks into the Lake is fun!

M:  This one might be hard to skip!

Friday, August 30, 2013

We headed south for the day!

Last week (well it might be a couple of weeks by the time this posts) we had the great blessing of heading south to our old seminary era stomping ground for the day.  I always try to make the most of our time there which often leads to chaos. 
This visit I stopped first at Target to change a stinky diaper and look for reusable worksheet sleeves in the $1 section.  They were out... 3rd Target out of them.  Who is hoarding them friends?  Anyway, after Target I went to get my ring cleaned as that is the closest jeweler of the chain I need for my wedding ring.  After the ring cleaning we had a failed attempt to pick up a DVD a friend had borrowed.  Then we went to the grocery store.  This grocery store is one of my favorite places ever.  I was the only "white" person in the store that day.  They have almost every kind of ethnic food and we always try something new.  They have insanely cheap tortillas so I really stocked up.  After the grocery we were off to the park for a play date with area friends and lunch.  Sound busy, right?  It was!  It was fun to catch up with a few moms and kids at the park.

 Finally after lunch we arrived at the home of "two sweet boys" and family.  These two boys (E and A) have grown so much since I first met them.  It is hard to believe that E T's age when we met!  What a blessing to see our children play and laugh together.  The kids both slept a little.  We went for a walk/bike ride to a park, we ate very tasty food, we were given a crib and car seat which after only an hours time we got to fit in the van.  I am so thankful for these dear friends.  Spending time with them always makes me want to spend more and more time with them.

T: Thanks for letting me pet your dog E.
T: Aww, so soft.  (She looks so big here)
M: I love remote control everything! Thanks for sharing with me A.

T: I don't seem to be going anywhere on this bike.

M: Look at me biking on A's bike.  I went all the way to the park and all the way home all by myself!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Friends, Fun Park!

A special and beautiful thing about the adoption world is meeting other families who "have been there" and who look like us!  Over a year ago I met Tammy and her sweet son with one on the way from Ch!na.  We were thrilled to learn we only lived a short drive apart from each other.  We have gotten to spend time with them a few times.  Brandon joined us for this trip to the park which was extra special. 

M: Keep rocking J, I think we can get this elephant to fly! 
T: Hey, this tunnel keeps shrinking every time I come to the park!

Aww, sweet family!

M: I am going to smile really well so Tammy will let me play with her camera.  T: M,  I am not sure how to scoot closer without falling off.

M: These big boys are great!  T: Um, not feeling the love here guys.  I guess I will have to hug myself.

M: These are fun friends!  T: OK, maybe this is too much love. 

M: Thanks for the "medium high" underdog mom!

M: Say Cheese and look at me!

M: I am good at balancing now that I am four.

T: This is hard work!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Monday Parkday

These photos are from a pit stop during a Monday bike trip.  It is so much fun to be able to experience the good parts of the morning with them through photos.  Sometimes they come home hungry, tired, and crabby, but the photos show me that they wore themselves out having fun.  I need to say again how grateful I am to Brandon for letting me have special "Shelly time" on Monday mornings.  Due to a minor softball injury Brandon has not gone biking in several weeks.  We ALL miss it.  Hopefully he will be back at it soon.  Actually, by the time this post publishes he might be back on the bike seat again!

T: Yum, an ice cream chair!  M: You are supposed to sit in it, not lick it.
T: Well, it tasted good to me.  M: I think I would rather just sit and take your word for it.

M and T: We are the world's best backseat drivers!

M and T: Look, we are British!

T: I love relaxing.  (Is it just me or does she look way too grown up in this photo?)

M: Kisses, get your nice and wet kisses here!

T: Peek-A-Boo!

M: What a beautiful fountain!  T: What a beautiful day for a swim!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Four" Real... in photos!

I wrote all about our son's Birthday HERE so you can read that if you want to.  This will mainly just be photos from the day.

M: I am REALLY Four!!!
M: Mommy made me a tow truck pancake for breakfast. 

M: Sing Happy Birthday to me... again!

M: Look at all these presents!

T: I woke up to a party, cool!  M: Yep, MY party! 

M: T, I am 4 now.  That is really big.  T: OK M, whatever you say.

I got a REAL soccer ball!
M: Look, I can make it work.

M: I finally got all my presents open. 
Yes, M is holding a photo of the "Jack In The Box" that he REALLY wanted.  We put out a plea on FB and didn't get any nibbles.  In the end we ordered it from Amazon, but sadly it wasn't here on the bit day.  We printed off a photo and wrapped it.  He was thrilled by the photo and excited to know it was coming in the mail soon!

T: So glad you had a Birthday M.  I loved my beans and I ate them all by myself.  (The post bean diapers have led us to decide T might not quite be ready for beans quite yet... digestive nightmare.)

M: I love this day!!!!

M: Sing it again!  I can't believe I had a Birthday cake and now a Birthday pie! (I love that he in pushing in his nose.  I used to do this when I was excited.  He looks cuter than I did.)

M: Blowing out candles is really fun and a little dangerous. 
The next day the Jack In The Box arrived during nap.  Daddy came home to watch M open it.  He was crazy scared of the Jack guy and only wanted us to open it.  He covered his ears and sometimes his eyes and sometimes he would run away when it was close to popping.  Even with all that "fear" of it he loved it and loves it still!

M: I can't believe it is really here!

M: Do it again Mommy.  T: I will do it, let me try!

M: I am not sure why Mommy told me to pretend to crank it and act surprised?