Saturday, April 5, 2014

A little Cheese and a little Crazy!

Here is a great mix of photos of my kiddos from the last couple of months.  Some photos are a bit of the cheesy/silly side.  Some photos are a bit on the crazy/daring side!  Enjoy!

M: Keep reading mom!  T: CHEEEEEESE!

M: "Air Goggles" do help me shovel much better!

M: I mean, look how strong I am when I wear these!

M: Whew, I am tired out!

M: Hold on T!  T: I will M!

M: OK, you really want to hold on tight because when I start pedaling you will spin quickly!

M: Do you like the pink ride on better?  T: Um, it makes more noise, but my feet are getting stuck.


M:  Wow this is going to be great!  T: HAHAHAHA!!!

Me: STOP M! M: Why?  T: pole!!!

M: Oh this is why you wanted me to stop!  T: More!

T: Helper!  M:  Thanks T.

T: Get ready!  M: I am.

T: Hold on M!  M:  Um T, we are not going very fast here.

T:  Thanks for switching M.  It was a little hard for me. M: No problem.

Our snowman went on a sun diet but with the one "snowman weather" day followed by over 6 weeks of cold he stayed up for a LONG time!

M: Thanks for making the shield for my face Daddy!

T: Hand, Cold!

T: Go team Kitchen!

T: I salute you mommy for a very tasty meal.


Joy Captured!
M found these party hats and decided he needed to wear four of them!
How do I look?

M: Aww, look at me!

M: I can see them really well when I turn a little bit!

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