Friday, October 24, 2014

A WHOLE hand! M's 5th Birthday (and Strawberry Ice Cream recipe)

Even though M had has BIG party in MN with fancy cake and celebrating, we still did much celebrating on his "real" Birthday on August 8th.  He came downstairs to a lovely display of gifts. Some of the gifts were mailed in by Brandon's family. The pink ones on the end were for T.  I am so thankful that our kids are 2.5 years apart because that means that one celebrates a 1/2 Birthday during the other's Birthday celebration.

The goods!

My FIVE year old is filling up the red chair for sure! 
M loved opening presents.  This is the first year he was really into opening them all and opening them quickly. 
M: I just couldn't open them fast enough!

M: Now I look just like the construction workers outside.  Maybe they will hire me!

M: I got a REAL fire suit!

M: OK, these are my favorite!  The go all by themselves.  They love to eat batteries.

M: This excavator is so big I bet you can hardly notice me. 
After T woke up the kids each opened their final three gifts.  They each got a bottle of silly string.  The LOVED it.  What a simple pleasure highlight for them.
M: I just squeezed the top and stuff came right out! 

After a pancake breakfast.  The kids and I headed to Target so M could exchange some construction equipment that mommy thought moved all by itself for a motorcycle that did indeed move all by itself. 

After the Target trip we headed to the splash park.  The kids had a GREAT time, but I didn't take a single photo.  It was wet and busy and I needed my hands to keep everyone safe.  It was warm and lovely to be out.  The perfect Birthday activity. 

After late naps we went to dinner at our favorite place.  M was so proud that it was his Birthday. 

We came home and had the much anticipated strawberry ice cream IN ice cream cones.  I got some df/gf cones and we saved them for the celebration.  The ice cream was incredible and super easy to make.  I did put it in the freezer bowl thing, but it came out as ice cream straight from the ninja.  I have skipped the freezer since and it works just as great.  The secret is keeping the coconut milk in the fridge and using frozen strawberries and bananas.  Would you like the recipe?  I thought so!

3 c frozen strawberries, 2 frozen bananas, 1/4 c raw honey, 2/3 cup canned coconut milk.....put in blender (high speed blender works best) and blend together until smooth. Put in frozen ice cream maker bowl and let it mix for 20-30 minutes until you have ice cream.

M: I was so proud of my ice cream cone!

T: I really want to eat the bottom off, but Daddy said to eat from the top.

M: This tastes SO good!

After ice cream it was late, but M wanted to talk to my parents.  He ended up staying up late talking to them and THEN (sugar high) played outside in the sandbox after dark.  He really wanted to make the most of every minute of his Birthday.  M, we are so thankful for the five years of life you have been given.  It was a great joy to celebrate with you.  We pray that your fifth year will be one filled with feelings of love and safety and healing. 

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