Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Zoo Visit 2014

We went to the zoo in early September.  M had been asking to go for months and we finally found a Monday (Brandon's day off) that worked.  Both of the kids did better than I expected.  They (especially T) were in awe of all the animals, had squeals of delight seeing animals up close and  were in awe many times.  My heart was so filled.  I was so thankful that we didn't have a Zoo pass that day.  It was very obvious to me which kids spend a lot of time at the zoo and which kids were there for a very very special treat.  Even though it has almost been two months since our visit, T still talks about her time there almost every single day.  The weather was lovely. The park was not crowded at all.  T wanted to wear her "monkey pocket" which actually means her shorts (with pockets) with a monkey print.  She was also thrilled to wear her "monkey ergo" with the tail to keep her safe and close. 

We are so much bigger than a baby gorilla!

T: Look!  Look!!!  M: OK, what is next?

A bear!!!!

T: This was the perfect bar to swing on and the perfect fence to climb on.

T: I could do this all day!!!

T: Ummm my feet don't feel anything special.

M: Cheeeeese!

Super Sweet!!!

A tasty picnic lunch

M: Whoa look at that lion!

M: Ahhh!!!  He is coming right for us!!!!

T: Come here lion.  I will kiss you.  M:  Ahhhh!!!  He is RIGHT THERE!

T: I pet lion at zoo!!

T: Lion my friend!

M: OK, maybe we are safe.  Come here lion!

Shortly after seeing the lion SO close for 20 minutes we came across this status of a lady and her dog.  The kids thought it was amazing and both said it was there favorite part of the zoo.  Oh dear.
T: My favit!  I love  lady.  I love dog.

T: Hi doggy.  I love you.  M: Give my knuckles lady!
M was so excited to see the Mountain Goats.  He loves the 80's movie Wilderness Family and watching the goats run in the movie.  He stared and watched for a long time.  Shortly after the below photo was taken a highly impulsive little girl I know *might* have thrown a piece of a corn chip into the cage.  We knew it was time to head home!
M: Can you believe it?  A real Mt. Goat!!!!
The kids loved the peacocks walking around us as we headed out of the park.  The were the perfect motivator for our crew and caused us to leave the park in smiles!!!

Direct quote: T:  "I love walking with you peacock." (And she really really did)

T: Hi peacock.  Want to keep walking with me peacock?

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