Friday, December 19, 2014

Fire Sation Open House!

The Fire Station Open House was anticipated almost as much as Christmas!  We had all of our "Big Day" feelings going on.  I wish we could have kept it a secret until that moment, but M was already asking about it in May (it takes place in October) so we knew the build up would be intense.  Finally the day arrived.  We tore out of church as quickly as possible.  Most of the event takes place while we are at church so we always catch the tail end of the fun.  We managed to get in not one but TWO fire truck rides.  We all rode up in the tall ladder truck lift.  The kids got to check out the inside of a few trucks, see some special tools and equipment and get suckers.  They were thrilled!!!

T: Baby wanted to ride in a real firetruck too!

M: I can't believe the moment has come!

M: I am in paradise.  I am ringing a firetruck bell while eating a sucker!


Two sucker eating firetruck lovers!

Taking it all in!

M: Then I got to "drive" it all by myself.

T: I sitting in my own chair this time!

Front Seat for the second ride!

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