Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

Progress was made in our home this year!  The pumpkin was carved BEFORE November!!!  We actually had a much better experience overall this year.  We set T up with some stickers to put on paper and she was good to go!  M was eager to help and we were very prepared. 

Ready to see what is hiding inside!

M: It was pretty slimy in there!

T: Can I touch it?   Me: Sure sweetie!  Go for it!

M: Looking good Daddy.  T: This sticker is stuck!

T: I love stickers!  I can play with them for minutes on end.


One proud boy!

My glowing son!

They were really in awe!  So precious.

Time to blow it out... blowing out the candle (over and over again) was the climax of the pumpkin carving adventure.

On the night of "trick or treating" the temps were in the 30's.  M was dressed for the weather, wearing a winter coat under his uniform.  Our little T the cheerleader was struggling to stay warm and in costume.  We made it to five houses.  Four answered the door.  Only one was handing out dairy free candy so this meant that Daddy scored some chocolate and the kids only at a couple pieces of candy.  Good deal.  We set our bowl outside (after having the door open and ready for 3 hours and seeing only four kiddos) and most of it was gone... prob one or two big and daring kids since Brandon was sitting in the front living room working while they took it.  That was fine with us.  The less candy around here the better!

The cutest cheerleader and football player combo around!

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