Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wedding Weekend!

It was such a joy to celebrate the beautiful wedding of our dear friends Nikky and Jake!  It was a whirlwind weekend with lots of time in the car and lots of work to be done, but we all survived.  I am 100% convinced that Nikky has the greatest friends ever.  They are all so lovely.  It was so much fun to get to know many of them over the weekend. We got to spend a bit of time our family as well.  My parents watched T during the rehearsal and wedding.  They are such a blessing.  The days were long for M, but he is a great car sleeper so that helped.  T would have had a very hard time with the schedule.  M was a ring bearer or "ring security" as the box he and buddy M carried down the aisle states.  He did great and knew his job well! 

Cutest Ring Security ever!

Safe to say the rings were in good hands.  M wanted to refer to himself as the "Bride's Boy" and since it is a Bride's Day I guess he sort of got it right.
Love it!

So composed!

Before the wedding.

Clearly M was ready to party!

This was the "kids meal" gluten and dairy free.  It was a BIT messy, but M loved it!

Great buddies!  M is so proud that his buddy Nikky married someone born in Africa just like him!

Here is the collection of non-wedding photos from the weekend.  We enjoyed a family lunch and a family brunch and a late night talk with my parents.  The kids did lots of playing.  M had a long "Bob Cad" ride.  He did some sledding and even made a snowman.  T helped Grandma make cookies and enjoyed lot of special time with Grandma and Grandpa, but really missed us and reminds me about how much she missed us almost daily.

M and my dad invented some crashing game.  I am pretty sure I was sleeping during most of it.

T: Let's make it taller.  M: I want to help too!

Can you balance a "little people guy" on top of a Lego?
T: Great Grandma is a great horsey ride giver!

Hey M, I think your snow man needs arms.

One fine looking snowman!

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