Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breaking up is hard to do!

Hey Facebook, Let's just be friends.

It's not you, it's me! 

Facebook is all kinds of wonderful to a mom like me.  It is a great source of encouragement and hope.  It is a great source for help and venting.  It is a great source for tips and tricks to fix things that are wrong.  It is a great source for news... hmmm not exactly,  it is a biased source, but I do find out a lot of news that way.  The biggest blessing of Facebook in this life season has been connecting with other trauma mamas.  I am in so many wonderful FB groups filled with other moms who have found themselves in a place they never imagined to be.  To talk openly with these moms has been such a comfort to me and has connected me to parenting tools and therapies which have benefited our family greatly.

So you ask, why on earth would you break up with Facebook?

Well it is simple, Facebook has become my Jesus!  Yep, that is correct.  I did just say that.  All those things that FB is great for that I mentioned above.  They are all things that I used to talk with Jesus about.  Our family has had other seasons of hard before this one.  I noticed with the other seasons of hard a deepening in my faith through the difficult situation.  With this situation I have noticed a weakening of faith.  It isn't that my faith is gone, but my reliance on God for the details and questions of the day is much less than it once was.  Facebook is great, but is makes a really pathetic Jesus!  I am ready to make Jesus my Jesus again!

This morning as I was reading my chapter of Experiencing God for my huddle I was blown away.  Here are some of my favorite Chapter 4 quotes and my thoughts on them. "The salvation God offers comes with a corresponding summons to be on mission with Him." I love thinking about being on a mission with God. "If you feel weak, limited, and ordinary, take heart! You are the best material through which God can work." Well, that is pretty much me... I guess I am great material for God to work in and through! This is a quote from Henry Varley from this chapter, "The world has yet to see what God will do with a man fully consecrated to Him."  This quote was a game changer for D.L. Moody!  Aren't these quotes awesome?  This one directly relates to FB for me anyway..."Today our world does not need to see what we can do, but people desperately need to witness what God wants to accomplish through us." I am not sure all that God wants to accomplish through me, but I know that I will experience Him more when the noise of seeing what the world is up to is not always over my shoulder.  This book is wonderful folks.  I highly recommend reading it!

I was convicted and so ready to make a change. While I am currently logged out of FB I do plan to log back in to post my email address and a link to this post so people know why I am gone and how they can reach me.  I do not post comments that people post on blog posts so feel free to write to me through blog post if you want.  Please share an email address if you want me to reply :)  Please also email me, call me, set up a walking date.  Let's stay connected in a life giving way!

I am excited to seek God and His Word through the hard.  It is a bit scary to my human mind to imagine not connecting with these dear friends, but it is also exciting to think about connecting with the One you really really gets me because He made me and He made my kids and He can HEAL them and Renew them and me!  Friends, I have not felt this giddy about my faith in a long time!

I will continue to blog.  I will prob blog a lot more than usual actually, esp once we get the computer fixed.  I won't be posting blog links on FB so I guess you will just have to hop over to the blog frequently to see what I have written, or I could recruit someone to tag the blog to my wall I guess :)

I am excited to be Experiencing God more and more in my day to day life as I seek Him and talk with Him about the events of the day!  Yes, breaking up is hard to do, but I am in the Best relationship possible so I am not alone!

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