Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two on the Bus!

As I write this blog post my house is quiet, very quiet.  This morning my Sweet T and my Big M climbed on the bus together and headed to school.  Yes, my baby is at school!  She turned three yesterday (a post about turning 3 will come soon) and today she headed to school!

T has been part of the Birth to Three program in our state for several months.  It has been an incredible blessing for us to have an OT come to our home twice each week to work on sensory and aggression issues. In the last month T has been evaluated to see if she qualifies for the same early intervention program that M is in.  We had our IEP meeting last week and received the great news that she qualifies for services.  If you have spent two minutes with me in the last six months you know how amazing this early intervention program is.  We are so thrilled that T will be able to be a part of it as well.

Because she is three, she will attend just two mornings a week.   Positive interaction with peers is very hard for T.  We are so hopeful that this program will help her to be less aggressive with other children.  We are also hopeful that she will learn some strategies to cope with her impulse control.  Her IEP has some lofty goals.  She has a great team and I know they will work to help her achieve them. 

When M started school in September I thought he has the best teacher to student ratio possible.  I was mistaken.  Today on T's first day, there is just one other student in her class.  Two more will be qualifying and joining soon, but today there are two teachers and two kids!  Amazing! 

T seemed a bit unsure this morning, but as soon as the bus came into sight she was squealing and running so fast she slipped on the ice before getting on to the bus.  The fall didn't phase her.  She was just glowing when we waved good-bye!  

It is hard for me to believe that they are both at school.  The mental list of things I could do is so long, and yet I sit here and type. The sunshine coming in the windows and a cozy warm house are begging me to stay right where I am.  The theme for their school time is "mama self-care."  Every therapist we speak with is deeply concerned about my self-care.  Parenting our children is a 24/7 gig.  Remember I co-sleep with M who has night terrors almost every night.  It is literally a never-ending job.  My body and my spirit are weak.  I hope to spend time in prayer, in God's Word, in my walking shoes, and catching up on the blog, listening to music, resting... and not too much else.  I am so excited for this new season of life and the in awe of the way that God provides blessings like this for our family. 

--- And now they are home---
T's teacher reports that she had a great first day of school.  She was just beaming when she got off of the bus.  I am so thankful that her teacher wrote an entire page note in her notebook because T's answer to everything was "I don't know."  She did say there were a LOT of kids in her class (maybe she means the school in general) though M told her there was only one other kid which is what the teachers said as well. The funniest thing was when she got off the bus all smiles and said, "I got a Bible.  The teacher gave me a Bible."  Then M is like, "I want a Bible.  How come the teachers didn't give me a Bible?"  This isn't what I expected to hear, but I sure was curious! We opened her backpack to see what she was talking about and discovered it was her notebook.  It is the same style of notebook that Brandon uses as a prayer journal and that I use as a blessings journal.  Ours are usually with our Bibles and she assumed I guess they were also Bibles.  So sweet that she thought it was a Bible for her.  God just makes me smile.  My little public early intervention kids... coming home from school talking about the Bible. 

*For those of you who are so faithful to follow the blog, I am sorry that many posts long overdue.   Our home computer is not running well.  Access to iPhoto is very hard as the computer freezes each time I attempt.  We will post some first day of school photos on FB and hopefully get the computer fixed before too long so I can get caught up on photo blogging once again. 

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