Friday, March 20, 2015

She is THREE!!!!!!

Our sweet T has been waiting to turn three for so long!  She had two major requests for her Birthday. She wanted a pink cake and she wanted me to "wear your jamas?" :)  We were able to make both of those things happen.  She loves it when I get her from bed still in my PJ's.  She squealed with delight when she saw me.

My parents were here to celebrate T's Birthday with us.  We did most of the gift opening while M was at school. It is too much for my kids to watch their sibling open lots of gifts in front of them.  Our plan worked out very well.  T loved all the attention and all of the gifts and dictating the schedule for the day. We ate her favorite foods and we all (well not me but the rest of the crew) at cake together at night.  This cake was quite a bit like my cakes growing up, and will be even more like it next year.  Such sweet (literally) strawberry cake memories!

T: Mommy is wearing her Jamas!!!!
T: It is for me?  It says T on it? 

T: I have long hair.  I look just like a mom!

T: Some things were hard to open. 

T: This is my new Teddy Bear (that mommy fought hard to win at the Super Saturday silent auction).

T: Can he sleep in my crib? 
T: I love my pink cake with Hello Kitty and candles!

In Awe!  (How could I not post all of these?! Her joy was just incredible)

Love her!

The only non-Birthday photos were of M and Grandpa Daryl playing a car game they invented.  100's (maybe thousands) or races were held in the early morning hours while the rest of us were sleeping.  Grandpas Rock!

M: OK, we need to see who will get the closest to the edge without going off.  
I have so many post scheduled right now so I am just going to tell you many random and wonderful things about T at three!

- She is growing so much.  3T clothes!  Wow!
- Her language is exploding and her interests are increasing.
- One of her favorite questions to ask is, "Do I look like a mom?"  That is her goal and when her hair has recently been brushed I do believe she thinks she could pass for a mom!  So sweet.
- T isn't a really fan of winter or being outdoors when it is cold so she is eagerly awaiting summer, just like her mom.
- She loves making "nests" on the floor or couches with blankets.
- She enjoys swinging on the platform swing in the basement.
- She likes messy art projects.
- She enjoys helping me cook and doing "work" to help me.
- She changes her favorite color many times a day.
- If she doesn't like something she protests loudly and says it is "not her favorite."
- She is still working or kind words and gentle touch.  Oh how I pray we will gain ground in those areas this year.
- She loves to eat, esp "Chinese Food" which means anything that our Chinese neighbor/friend makes even if it isn't Chinese food and anything I call Chinese food which I have done a couple of times.  OK, so I don't lie exactly... I say, "X makes this food and she likes it."  T just assumes it is Chinese food. :)
- She loves to sing... LOUDLY... esp when she is supposed to be sleeping.
- She loves to move at all times.
- She loves to ask questions saying, "Excuse me, I have a question."  Sometimes her questions are statements.
- She calls all adult books "Bibles."
- She makes up stories about everything including her poo in the toilet... calling them long tails and saying they have eyes and shouting goo-bye to them.  When she can't go to the bathroom she says that her poo/pee is tired and/or sleeping.
- She loves to be called by many names like this, "Say 'Goodnight T, Baby A, Joanna, cowboy, princess, Uncle Bret, Ernie, Moto, baby monkey.'" Yes she does want that repeated back to her!

T makes me smile every day.  I am so thankful and blessed that she calls me "mom."

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