Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Surgery Day Part Three

M is finally asleep.  He has such a strong will.  He didn't really nap at all since the surgery and he finally fell asleep at 8:45.  I am going to go to bed soon too as I have heard they will be in at midnight and 4:00am for meds and vitals.

He had a great dinner. It didn't come until after 7:00 so he was very hungry.  The food place kept saying that the "clear liquids" label on his chart hadn't been lifted so they wouldn't let me order for a while.  He ate a lot of baked chicken breast (like 2.5 servings I would guess since it was a bone in breast) and a few peas.  He really has resisted drinking any fluids.  He has to drink more before they will release him, so please pray that he will have a much bigger desire to drink tomorrow.

He really doesn't like taking meds.  I imagine this is going to get much worse at home.  Please pray that he will be willing to take the meds so that the pain can be less.

I think he was really feeling a lot of pain tonight before bed.  Hopefully the 8:00 dose of meds will help allow for some sleep.

There have been a lot of tears today, mostly he wants to be home.  He misses Grandma and Grandpa and T and Daddy!  I know he is really looking forward to being released.

Since arriving at the room he has watched DVD's, gone to the floor playroom twice to play, made a walking circle around the 10th floor, read books, sat a long time at the end of the floor viewing area to look out at the city.  I am sure you know that he was thrilled to see several ambulances.  We have been busy.

He continues to ask every few hours, "Are my tonsils out?"  I guess he is just making sure.

Tonight while trying to rig something out for my pillow I knocked a water bottle all over my PJ's.  I am a bit soggy, but better me than M.  I am going to attempt to sleep with M on the single hospital bed.  I am pretty tired so I think I will manage.

Thank you for all of your prayers today!  We can feel them.  So far no blood and no vomit.  I call that a major victory.  Also, I just noticed that his snoring is much softer than it has been.  This is a surprise as they said it could take 3 weeks to notice any difference in breathing.  Yay!

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