Monday, March 23, 2015

Sweet Mornings with my Sweet T

This is a post full of sweet photos with T from mornings when M is at school.

The first set of photos is T wearing a shirt that I wore when I was little and holding a photo of me wearing the shirt.  The photo is hard to see so we took a picture of the photo.  Of course blogger refuses to allow it to be rotated 90 degrees!  It was so sweet to see her wearing a little shirt of mine.  The buttons on the back didn't want to stay shut but she did wear it all day and want to wear it again the next day.

T:  I am wearing mommy's shirt!

T: I sure love my mommy, but her kisses will not entice me to let you all get a better view of the shirt. 

Sitting with my Grandpa B. 

Sweet Girl in a nest looking extra sweet in this shirt. 
Before she started school she had Birth to Three coming into our home on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our OT Erica was wonderful and we miss her now.  She worked on many sensory diet activities with T and sometimes M too.  We took several photos of our time together and different things that T can do when she is overwhelmed.

T: I love to cuddle in a nest with Mommy!

T: Now I am the mommy cuddling my baby. 

T: Aww, theres Erica and my giraffe Sky! 

T: Erica put the ball in the tunnel for me to roll through.  It is harder than just crawling, but I really like it. 

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