Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Almost back in business

I am excited to announce that our family has a new addition... of the computer variety.  Very very soon I will be able to stop using the "old white computer" and use our new MacBook Air!  Yay!  We are still working out a few things with the photos and how to transfer them and store them in a way that avoids iPhoto (which is done now anyway) and the new Photos program.  We are going to use the Adobe Light Room (or something like that) and hope this will be a much better and safer option for us.  Once we have photos back on the computer I will be able to do lots of blogging once again. 

In the end we are going to sell our MacBook Pro back to Apple... after putting in a new battery and hard drive.  The whole situation was a lot of drama and we are spending a lot more than we would have liked, but as I use this "old" computer I am reminded that Macs (if they aren't duds) can run for a LONG time. 

Check back for tons of cute photos and stories soon... oh and I have been saving up lots of awesome quotes to share too!

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