Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our MacBook Pro is a Dud!!!

I am sure I sound like a broken record on this blog, venting about being unable to post pictures because of computer problems.  Well, the problems continue.  Our "silver" computer is dead... like the gray screen that never ends dead!   Our computer is 2.5 years old and it has been nothing but problems from the first day.  We have called the Apple Care people in the early days.  We have taken it to the Apple Store more than once.  Of course it often performed better there than at home. 

Computers are expensive!  Macs are VERY expensive.  I am a Mac person... and not because I am trendy and flashy... but because I have used them all my life and I love them.  Their trendiness does not fit with my fleece wearing, mini-van driving, kid carrying personality, but their convenience does!  I love that photos on the phone sync to the computer (in theory).  I think the simple commands and the easy navigation etc. are lovely. Macs are great... but our last Mac has tainted our view of them.  Should we spend A LOT of money on another computer that could be a dud?  It is a hard call.

My inner quest for justice has me wanting to march into the Apple Store and demand a new computer or half price or greatly reduced.  After all, Apple products are supposed to work for a long time... right?  More than 2.5 years of half working, right?  Ahhh!!!!

I feel like we pat Apple on the back if we go ahead and order a new MacBook, esp. if it is one of the brand new ones coming out tomorrow... they go on thinking that our family is another happy and loyal Apple family.  This is not true, but what can really be done.  There was a time when companies cared more about making things right and maintaining relationships with their customers than selling lots of products.  I am pretty sure that Apple will do just fine without this mini-van mom supporting their product.

So, seriously, what should we do friends?  Should we try our luck at a refund or markdown at the Apple Store... even if it is full of kids half our age but clearly 50 times more cool than us?  Should we just order a new MacBook and hope for he best?  Should we explore other types of non-Mac computers even if I can't stand them/Windows 8 at all?  Who knows?

In the meantime, guess what?  Our OLD white MacBook from Brandon's seminary days came out of retirement.  It is working faster and better than our newer computer. It feels a dream writing on it.  It is awesome.  It does prove that if you have a non-dud Mac, they last a long time.

Sadly, this means I will not be photo blogging for a while most likely... it will happen once we get the computer situation figured out.

If you stumbled across this post because of the title and you truly have an idea to help us... or if you work for Apple and want to give us a free computer (just kidding, well... unless you really do) please leave a comment with your wisdom!  I promise I will brag about you in a future post! 

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