Monday, May 11, 2015

Hilarious Kid Quotes... Say What?

Our drawer has gotten full of kid quotes very quickly this time.  T is at that fun age when the quotes just keep coming.  Oh she cracks us up.  I hope you enjoy them.  I feel like I can at least guarantee a smile.

T: Sing "Grown-ups Come Back." (the Daniel Tiger song)
Brandon sings the song
T: No, Sing it with your whistle.

T: Don't dance with your head because it is only a song I am humming!  (Apparently I was moving my head to her beat!)

Me:  I thought you liked wild rice
M: No, stop it.  My taste bugs are getting ill.

M (while playing football): Dad, you're too fast  for me.  Put on your slower and I'll put on my fast.

Me: T, are you whiny right now?
T: Yes, because I want everything!

T (sang this nursery rhyme at lunch):
Blah, Blah, back sheep
Have you any wolves
Yes sir, yes sir
I have bones

T: "Daniel Lions" is her name for Dandelions.

M: If those guys who believe in a different Norwegian, if they heard "We Believe," (the Newsboys song) do you think they would be mad?  (And by Norwegian he of course means religion)

T: I am so full I have a basketball hoop in my tummy! (M often talks about his tummy looking like a basketball after meals)

T: (experimenting with vocabulary) It not fa-ters me.  (instead of bother me)

Brandon and M were talking about the word extinct (esp. in reference to dinosaurs) M: Grandma R is extinct.

M: We got firecrackers and we boofed them at the Indians.  (Thanks to our very short obsession with Dr. Quinn... what was I thinking letting him watch that...)

T: I want ice cream in a pine cone.

T: Hey, that big smoke looks like horses (pointing to clouds in the sky)

M: (while playing with a walkie-talkie that was picking up real trucker signals) T, they're not listening because you need to say Roger because he is the chief.  (why yes, I did go in another room and die laughing!)

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
T: I want to be a loud worker, princess, mommy singer.

M had gas... M: Oops, I just popped out the good stuff.

T wanted me to make her blanket talk to her and tell her to go to the bathroom.  T: "Can you send 'tired' a message?

T: There's my bank where we go to buy a sticker.  (She saw the City building where we go to vote.)

T: Tri-Nocerus... T's favorite dinosaur!

M: For my Birthday I want Legos
Me: Really, are you sure?  (he never plays with Legos)
M: Why not?  I can sell them to A (his cousin who likes Legos)

T is obsessed with doing things "on my Birthday"  She wants to wear every single thing she owns and marry many people and have about ten cakes and have every present she has ever seen etc on her Birthday... here is just an example of a few things...

T: I am going to dream about that on my Birthday.
T: I am going to have a Princess cake on my Birthday.
T: Can I marry Daddy on my Birthday?
T: Can I go to Grandma Kathy's on my Birthday?
T: Can I have more snacks on my Birthday?

T's other favorite phrase right now is, "Do I look like a mom?"  She wants so badly to look like a mom, and she thinks she does, every single day!  She is the mom and therefore boss of her babies and she will let you know this information.

---- old quotes found -----
These are a few examples of how T used to say some words... this post-it was found stuck to something else so it is old, but still cute. We thought it was brilliant the way she added an extra vowel to help her transition in the word.
Fa-leece (Fleece)
Sta-reet (Street)
Ba-lanket (Blanket)
Pay-lease (Please)

This is another post-it of really old quotes... these are over a year old

M took off his socks and was ready to run.
M to B: Wanna see my good contraction?
M to S: Mommy, watch how I get good contractions with this grip.

M was asking about where Jamie's boot camp was located...
M: Is that where Adam and Eve live?  (We assured him that we were pretty sure it was not the Garden of Eden!)

Me: Whoa, who put the snow on the floor?
M: God made it.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Typical is Overrated!

Why settle for ordinary in this life?  Our T embraces the unique!  She LOVES PJ's and wears multiple pairs a day.  PJ's and Princess Clothes are her main wardrobe options.  We "force" her to wear clothes to school most of the time, but every now and then she wears a PJ shirt for a shirt or under her regular shirt.  T often needs to change clothes after nap.  We hear her on the monitor opening and clothes drawers with great passion.  Most of her creations are delightful.  She has one deep conviction...  avoid a matching PJ set at all costs!  She also believes that one never really outgrows PJ's.  Sure the pants don't look like pants anymore... no big deal, they are capris... Torture for this mommy!

T: Do you like my jammas and my hair? 

Where T loves anything that DOES'NT match, M is an extreme matcher.  He will wear a red shirt with red pants and red socks and red underwear!  M has a really hard time with T getting attention for her "fancy" outfits.  You can see this going on in the photo below if you really know our family.  I ache to see the true joy and sparkle in T's eyes.  She loves her brother so much.  She sees all affection as true love.  Keep praying for us friends!

M: Hey, I'm cool too take a photo of me!  I will even put my arm around my sister.  T: Look, M loves me.  

Sometimes you get a mama victory in a round about way.  M wanted to put salt and pepper on his fried eggs.  He kept adding more and more.  I knew that he would learn a very valuable lesson.  He sure did!  He now salts with caution and never tries to put on too much.  I told him we would take a photo so we could remember this experience and we could look a the photo if he was tempted to over salt.  Today he was tempted, but looking at the photo reminded him to stop salting!

I will never do this again! 

Someone else at the table insisted on having her photo taken.  This is her classic camera smile right now!

T: I won't use too much salt either, OK? 
One evening I took the kids to get hair cuts and then we did a switch off and Brandon hopped in the van and took the kids to Erik's bike shop to pick up his bike while I made dinner.  M and T wanted to go to a park near the shop afterwards and so they did.  I guess there was one family at the park.  The family had two quiet little girls and the parents were pushing them on the swings.  Our kids hopped out of the van and ran full force screaming towards the geese to try to get them all to fly in the air or go into the river.  I guess they were quite a sight to hear and see.  The quiet family got quite a surprise.  The kids didn't stop until they successfully chased every bird away!

M and T: AHHHHH  Geese!!!!!!!

T; I will get these M! 

T: Whew, they are all off the grass!!! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

China Adoption Reunion

A couple of weeks ago (longer when this actually posts) we had the joy and honor of traveling south just a bit to visit on of the families we traveled to China with.  We met them in GZ as they were adopting with our agency.  Our families really enjoyed time together in China and had many goose bump moments as we learned that we used to live just a few miles apart when  Brandon was in seminary, and their children went to a school that a friend of mine taught at, and we all love Jesus.  We had so many great laughs and conversations in China.  They came up here in the summer of 2013 for a visit and we decided it was time to finally see each other again.  It is amazing how the kids have grown up since we have seen them.  We had wonderful conversations and incredible food.  Our kids were loved on so much by their wonderful children.  M was in his glory getting to hold a violin and hold and strum a guitar.  We tried to take a couple of their big kids home with us, but they decided to stay at their home.  I am hoping it will be much less time between this visit and our next visit.  It was such a blessing for every family member!

Two sweet Chinese Princesses in January 2013!
And Two Sweet Chinese Princesses Now!!!!!

I think I can handle this M! 

M: Mom, I want one of these!

T: I am Dr. T!

T: Are you ready for surgery Mommy? 

T: I love Jenna's dresses!

M: Why is this guitar so huge?  Daddy record me while I sing!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week of the Young Child

This year we were introduced to something that has been happening in our community for a long time.  The week of the young child is a Kiwanis sponsored week of events for kids.  Because of schedules etc we attended two of the five events.  The kids really enjoyed each of them.  There were easily over 100 kids at each event.  We attended one event about dinosaurs and one about cool science stuff.  Each kid got to choose a free book to keep as well.  We are excited to be a part of this week again next year!

Making dinosaur molds

Making dinosaur outlines with white crayons and watercolor paint.

T's big brush really sped things up.

M's little brush ensured we were the last ones at the table. 

Safety gear required before they could begin searching for fossils. 

M: I need to be careful so I don't break any bones. 

M:  I think I see a T-Rex in here!

The second night Brandon took the kids and I got a bit of time off.  How lovely!

More safety gear as they mix.

So thankful for this crew

Wow!  The raisins are dancing!

T: Hey, I have great idea, let's go home and eat lots of raisins! 

M: Yes, I am thinking about raisins right now!

M: They really are dancing. 

One of their creations displaying oils, water, and syrup... three layers of density. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Winter Might Be Over!

This is a fun collection of photos from the last month or two.  I will just explain as I go.  There are short sleeves, sunshine, and outdoors.  Signs that Spring is here!

I love Monday mornings!  Monday is Brandon's day off and he takes T on a bike ride with him.  It works great for both of them.  They stop at a park and T loves to play with whoever is there.  She is happy in the Burley Cart and enjoys many snacks and toys that she brings.  She also talks to Brandon non-stop.  Hilarious!

T: I am ready Daddy!

T: Peek-A-Boo!
Before M's surgery T had a bad stomach flu.  She did a lot of throwing up and is quite comfortable throwing up in the puke bowl.  She is great at it and I am so thankful.  One day I was having some cramps and mentioned that my tummy hurt.  She sprinted to the kitchen and came back with the bowl telling me to use it right away.  Too funny!

T: OK Mommy, throw up in here!

Another photo from a theme night at iGnite!  Can you guess the theme?  It was rescue hero night. M is totally decked out in Fire Fighter gear.  T reluctantly agreed to a fire hat, but she needed to also be a Princess.  She has two tutu's on under her dress!
We are Rescue Heros!  
This spring we started putting T's hair in pig tails and then in pigtail braids.  It keeps the hair out of her face and mouth.  She loves it.  This was the first day of the pigtails and she is matching her baby who also has pigtails.
T: Do you like my pigtails? 
M: Let's Go Higher.  T: I am trying! 

T: Do you like my outfit?  My inside out pants a size too small look awesome with my two skirt combo.
M: I am a strong guy! 

The kids frequently ask to fly kites.  One day about twenty minutes before dinner Brandon took them to a field by the school and they flew them a bit.  It wasn't a huge hit, but clearly the photo show the kite did make it in the air!
M: I am doing it by myself! 

The Boy With the Drum.  One of Daddy's favorite books!  You can see T's braids as well. Such a sweet photo! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Easter Morning

Last Easter we took zero photos... how did that happen?  We actually took fake photos a couple of weeks later.  This year I was determined to not make the same mistake.  I was able to recruit one of the money counter spouses to take the family shot after every one had cleared out.  We had a wonderful morning in church.  I did write about it in another post.  I realize I didn't take any photos of us eating at the tasty Easter Breakfast or and photos from our big Easter dinner here.  Oh well, we are heading in the right direction!

Holidays are great because college kids come home... can you tell he is one of my kids favorite big friends?
T and M: Hold me Corey!  Hold me Corey! 

So happy! 

Looking good and at the camera and smiling!  (I should have cropped this, but alas Light Room is too fancy and I don't know how to use it yet... zoom in if you don't believe we are smiling from this tiny photo!) 

These two have such a special connection!

Classic Smell the Easter Lily picture.  We have one of M doing the same thing. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Easter Egg Adventure

If you read about the egg dyeing in a previous post, you know it was not exactly a super low key high fun time.  Looking at the photos below I had to laugh.  Photos sure can be a highlight reel.  You would have no idea that things were anything but lovely. :)

T:  I wasn't sure about my paint shirt.  It was NOT my favorite color. 

M: I liked my paint shirt. 

T and M:  We are ready.  Me: I am almost done writing messages on the eggs! (I should have done this during nap time) 

T:  This is so cool! 

M: I think I will just put it in there for a second. 

T: Daddy, I like to put lots in the same bowl! 

T: OK, I need more eggs!  I have plenty of room in my bowls!