Monday, May 11, 2015

Hilarious Kid Quotes... Say What?

Our drawer has gotten full of kid quotes very quickly this time.  T is at that fun age when the quotes just keep coming.  Oh she cracks us up.  I hope you enjoy them.  I feel like I can at least guarantee a smile.

T: Sing "Grown-ups Come Back." (the Daniel Tiger song)
Brandon sings the song
T: No, Sing it with your whistle.

T: Don't dance with your head because it is only a song I am humming!  (Apparently I was moving my head to her beat!)

Me:  I thought you liked wild rice
M: No, stop it.  My taste bugs are getting ill.

M (while playing football): Dad, you're too fast  for me.  Put on your slower and I'll put on my fast.

Me: T, are you whiny right now?
T: Yes, because I want everything!

T (sang this nursery rhyme at lunch):
Blah, Blah, back sheep
Have you any wolves
Yes sir, yes sir
I have bones

T: "Daniel Lions" is her name for Dandelions.

M: If those guys who believe in a different Norwegian, if they heard "We Believe," (the Newsboys song) do you think they would be mad?  (And by Norwegian he of course means religion)

T: I am so full I have a basketball hoop in my tummy! (M often talks about his tummy looking like a basketball after meals)

T: (experimenting with vocabulary) It not fa-ters me.  (instead of bother me)

Brandon and M were talking about the word extinct (esp. in reference to dinosaurs) M: Grandma R is extinct.

M: We got firecrackers and we boofed them at the Indians.  (Thanks to our very short obsession with Dr. Quinn... what was I thinking letting him watch that...)

T: I want ice cream in a pine cone.

T: Hey, that big smoke looks like horses (pointing to clouds in the sky)

M: (while playing with a walkie-talkie that was picking up real trucker signals) T, they're not listening because you need to say Roger because he is the chief.  (why yes, I did go in another room and die laughing!)

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
T: I want to be a loud worker, princess, mommy singer.

M had gas... M: Oops, I just popped out the good stuff.

T wanted me to make her blanket talk to her and tell her to go to the bathroom.  T: "Can you send 'tired' a message?

T: There's my bank where we go to buy a sticker.  (She saw the City building where we go to vote.)

T: Tri-Nocerus... T's favorite dinosaur!

M: For my Birthday I want Legos
Me: Really, are you sure?  (he never plays with Legos)
M: Why not?  I can sell them to A (his cousin who likes Legos)

T is obsessed with doing things "on my Birthday"  She wants to wear every single thing she owns and marry many people and have about ten cakes and have every present she has ever seen etc on her Birthday... here is just an example of a few things...

T: I am going to dream about that on my Birthday.
T: I am going to have a Princess cake on my Birthday.
T: Can I marry Daddy on my Birthday?
T: Can I go to Grandma Kathy's on my Birthday?
T: Can I have more snacks on my Birthday?

T's other favorite phrase right now is, "Do I look like a mom?"  She wants so badly to look like a mom, and she thinks she does, every single day!  She is the mom and therefore boss of her babies and she will let you know this information.

---- old quotes found -----
These are a few examples of how T used to say some words... this post-it was found stuck to something else so it is old, but still cute. We thought it was brilliant the way she added an extra vowel to help her transition in the word.
Fa-leece (Fleece)
Sta-reet (Street)
Ba-lanket (Blanket)
Pay-lease (Please)

This is another post-it of really old quotes... these are over a year old

M took off his socks and was ready to run.
M to B: Wanna see my good contraction?
M to S: Mommy, watch how I get good contractions with this grip.

M was asking about where Jamie's boot camp was located...
M: Is that where Adam and Eve live?  (We assured him that we were pretty sure it was not the Garden of Eden!)

Me: Whoa, who put the snow on the floor?
M: God made it.

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