Sunday, July 26, 2015

3 days of typical?!

Our summer has been so very full of visiting and visitors!  We returned home from our travels on Sunday and began hosting more family on Thursday.  We had three days of "typical" in between.  They were nothing close to typical.  The days were very stressful as the kids were detoxing from the endless attention and stimulation and food and media (in the van) of vacation.  Coming home is always VERY hard.  

On Monday Brandon and T went on a bike ride.  They happened to spot a turtle on the bike path and decided to get out and investigate.  In case you are wondering, yes, T is wearing a leotard and no shoes.

T: Hey turtle, what did you do with your head?  I saw it when we drove by.

T: Come on turtle, I won't hurt you. 

T: The turtle doesn't want to smile Daddy... but I sure will! 
T: Please find some gymnastics classes for me this fall... PLEASE (we are on it T) 

Then on Tuesday morning this happened!

T: "Can you read about me and my daddy?" (yep they are apparently Adam and Eve!)

Then on Wednesday we did a super fun photo scavenger hunt with lots of families from church.  Our team might not have come in first, but we had a great time!

Back before 7:26... bonus for us.  Long sleeves in mid-July... typical weather by the Lake. 

Then on Thursday before the guests arrived...

T: "I am not ready to play I am still waking up."  (from her nap)

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