Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gardening with a purpose and a little glamour too!

With guests here over Memorial Weekend, we didn't get our garden in until the following weekend.  This year we decided to go all out with tomatoes.  Our soil isn't awesome and having a garden so close to a building changes the growth patterns, but we have always had good luck with tomatoes so we figured we would embrace what is actually growing and forget about the rest... sort of.  We planted eight tomato plants (four varieties) and one cherry tomato plant (M's).  We also naturally grow chives and rhubarb.  This year we added green onions.  Being the frugal woman that I am, I kept the root ends from a package of green onions and we planted them just to see what would happen.  They are growing SO WELL.  I am amazed!  I am going to do this every year! We also planted some squash.  Sadly not a single squash grew... at all.  They were seeds from before so, oh well.  We have had some deer problems, but we have put up some make shift fencing and are up to our usual tricks to deter the deer.  In case they are TMI I will spare you the details.  

T wanted to help plant the garden this year.  She tends to wear princess dresses or dancing clothes or PJ's most of the time so her attire isn't strange to us, but looking at the photos, there is quite a contrast from what Brandon is wearing to garden!  Also, it was chilly that day, but our T doesn't really feel temps like most people do.

M: Daddy, it is hard to get the soil ready. 

Father and Son bonding

M: See mom, you just push down really hard and turn. 

Princess, Dancer, Shovel Model T

T: I can really help in the garden! 

While the rest of the family was planting I was weeding.  Eventually Brandon was weeding too.  I am pretty sure it was him that came across the bag in the following photos.  The kids had thrown it into the window well the weekend before.  If you don't recognize the pants, they are the bottoms the boys were wearing in the Lake.  I guess T needed to put them there "just in case."  They smelled so bad, but after a washing they were good as new.

This isn't exactly a weed.

Surprise!  It is wet stinky pants! 

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