Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another One On The Bus!!!

The big day finally came today for T!   She was begging to go to school last week with M.  The Early Childhood program starts a week after the big kids. She finally had her chance today.  She was just a doll of sweetness as she was getting ready.  Oh the pictures of her (check out Facebook, it might be November before I get them on here haha) are so sweet.

T has the same teacher this year.  The district hired a new teacher this summer so T's teacher moved to the other teacher's room.  T was so excited to be in "Ms. Mardy's room" this year every though she still has Ms. Kerry.  She has been talking about this for weeks.

T will start the year going just two mornings a week.  We are going to discuss moving her up to three or four mornings a week next month.  She really needs the positive peer interactions, so please pray that she will be able to attend school more.  Our district's Early Childhood program is just delightful.  We feel so blessed to be a part of it again this year.

It true T fashion her first instinct was to tell us she didn't want to go to school today.  That lasted a few minutes and then she got excited.  Besides getting her ready for school, we needed to find out what she wanted to be when she grows up for the annual photo/sign picture. She is always changing what she wants to be when she grows up, so her answer this morning was, "A mommy mermaid and a baby mermaid and work at church and be a ghost and scare people."  Brandon left the end of the description off of the paper as it would be a little long, but I felt like it needed to be documented.   I also want to clarify that those are four different dreams, she doesn't want to be a mermaid ghost who works at a church.  I also want to note that there is apparently a Kipper the Dog episode where Kipper dresses as a friendly ghost and that is where she got the ghost idea from.  She might want to be Kipper under the sheet too!  She said she would be friendly :)

She was so thrilled to wait for the bus.  It was a rainy morning so we had the umbrella ready. She hopped right on when she saw it was Miss Cheryl. Yes, both of our kids do have Miss Cheryl for their bus driver, another blessing!  T gets picked up five minutes before school starts and gets dropped off five minutes after school is done.  She doesn't get to see much on the bus, but it is plenty for her.

I had ove two hours to myself this morning!  I started with reading my Bible and getting on my knees for a while.  With the rush of life, it has been far too long since I have been able to do this in a relaxed way.  Next I printed off paper work for our in home Occupational Therapy stuff and brought that to the post office.  While downtown I ran a few more errands.  Then I went to the library... ALONE!  I was able to go at my speed and not tell anyone to whisper!  Bliss.  I came home and had a lovely chat with my mom and then it was time to wait for the bus.  What a great morning for me.  It wasn't typical, but the rain prevented walking and the errands needed to get done so it all worked out.

She joyfully bounded off the bus after school.  I asked her how school was and she squealed with delight.  She was squealing like it was Christmas morning when we got in the house and she showed me everything from her back pack.  It was SO SWEET!!!!  She also told me with pride, "I had a potty accident, but that's OK."  Oh dear.  I forgot to remind the teachers that they have to make sure she puts her legs together.  She is fascinated with watching everything happen and spreads her legs and everything shoots out the front.  Their note was so funny.  They couldn't figure out how her underwear were wet.  I deal with this very issue frequently so I knew exactly why.  Oh my Sweet T.  I am glad she is super care free about it.  It sure didn't phase her.

She is going to have a great year at preschool!  Thank you for all your prayers for our sweet girl.  I am thankful that this year was not a big transition for her and that she seems to have quickly slipped back into the school routine.  Please pray for her sleep, her aggression, and her mealtimes.  I will be writing a longer post soon about more of this, but we so appreciate your prayers.

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