Friday, September 11, 2015

The BIG Festival!

M is at school and I successfully put T down for a nap, so it is time to blog!  For those of you who don't know how HUGE that last sentence is, let me tell you, it is big.  My sweet T hasn't let me put her down for a nap in almost 2 years.  This is the second time this week I have successfully done it!  Praise Jesus.  We won't talk about the screaming the other two days, OK?!

So I open blogger and realize I have already uploaded LOTS of pics into several posts and I just never wrote about them.  Oy.  I am not sure I can do daily posts because there are some big guys coming up, but hopefully I can get through them little by little.  Back to school blogging reminded me that this is sort of fun.  Summer was very very hard and trying to caption pictures was just draining.

Every July our community has a BIG festival.  The town swells.  The parade is 2 hours long.  The day is sort of magical for our children.  This year the day started with drama.  Brandon went biking with M in the Burley cart.  The forecast was for rain, but not to start for several hours.  The front came MUCH faster than expected and Brandon and M got caught in a HUGE storm.  I was a complete wreck waiting for them to come home.  They got home just as the rain was ending.  The weather ended up being pretty decent all day.

The kids were SO excited about the parade.  We save the spots on Thursday and then wait and wait until Saturday.  This was one of the few events this summer that the kids did know about.  M actually told me he wished he didn't know.  Sleeping was so hard the days leading up to it.  Our kids look forward to it more than Christmas.

T was insisting on wearing non-matching snow boots to the parade....

T: I just can't stand still Daddy.  It is the Big Day!

We finally got down to our spot and were ready for the parade.  We were so excited that our neighbors could sit with us too.  They recently moved away.  This was one of the last special things we were able to do with our buddies L and M.

M and L:  We are ready!!!!!!
T (with the other M and L): This is going to be great!
M: I sure am glad to have my headphones! 

T: I just loved the music!
T: A FISH!!!!!!!  Hi Fish Guy!!!!

Everyone wanted a high five this year!
A little dancing in the streets!

A big clown with my clowns!
The BUBBLE CAR!!!!!!
Friends and bubbles!
The face of JOY!!!!
Magical Bubbles!!

After the parade we came home to eat lunch and nap.  Even M napped on Big Festival Day.  After naps we headed to the 40th Birthday party of a good friend.  I thought we took some pics there, but I am not sure where they are.  It was a fun time.  They had a bounce house which was very loved by my children.  Funny T story. The capris she was wearing were baby capris.  She wears mostly 12mo capris or 6 month pants as capris in the summer.  She is so tiny that 3T shorts fall right off.  Anyway, I put them on and didn't realize they wear the kind that snaps for diaper changes.  Poor girl was embarrassed when they kept coming open in the bounce house, but eventually just left them open.

A couple of photos were located. Our friend's son A was recruited to give T piggy back rides.  She was more excited than he was!

T: This is great... now RUN A!
T: Yahoo!!!  Keep going!
Once we got home we put on pants and headed to the park for fireworks.  It was a very full and very special day!

Ready for the fireworks! 

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