Sunday, October 18, 2015

Life With a Kindergartener!

M is learning so much at school.  He amazes us every day with what he is comprehending.  Tonight he read "Hop on Pop" to me!  He did quite well.  Wow!  There is a post coming up about the princess around here, but this one is mainly M photos!  They are pretty random so I will talk through them as I go.

The kids each have a work station in the kitchen.  They work well together and have fun doing it about 7% of the time.  The rest is a bit touch and go.
M: We work hard at our desks. 

After getting a Jerry Seinfeld book from the library the first week, we got a kick out of M's second week choice.  It was written by Madonna.  After Madonna's book he checked out the Seinfeld book again and then got two other books not written by celebs.

M: This is a good book! 
M went to his first Birthday party without a parent last month!  The party was at Home Depot.  He had a great time and got to make two cool projects.

M: I made a tool box and a truck.

M: This is how I pounded in the nails. 

M: This is how I held the hammer. 
A couple of weeks ago the church got a sound system upgrade.  A large lift was needed to work up high.  The pastor's kids (minus Baby A of course) got to have a thrilling ride in the lift one afternoon.

Ready to go up!

M: I liked being up really high!

M: This is pretty cool! 
The weather has indeed turned colder the last couple of days.  We have even had frost of the church roof.  Luckily we are close enough to the Lake that I am pretty sure our tomatoes have been spared (so far).  I walked with my "winter" hat today.  I have been wearing my fall/spring hat for quite a while, but the fur and leather felt good this morning. Anyway, a few weeks ago it was a chilly day in the 50's and M got a little excited for winter.  He is in full winter gear.  Of course T wanted to join in a bit too.  They are already wishing for snow... what?

M: Don't laugh, it was really cold! 
M: It is hard to make a snow angel without snow!

One of the perks of living next to church is getting to be a part of all the interesting things happening there.  One day recently Brandon needed to get into the big attic (above the sanctuary) for something.  M got to tag along.  He was pretty excited about this!

M: I am up super high.  I think I might even go in that room!

M: I went in the room!  This is great! 

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