Friday, October 23, 2015

My favorite dancer girl

Last winter we learned about an amazing dance program a couple towns away.  It meets in a church.  It has a creative movement class for three year olds.  T LOVES it!  Once a term they have a parent observation time.  Brandon was able to get lot of good pictures and videos.  She is a very busy girl in the class.  We are not surprised! We are so thankful for this class and for T's amazing teacher Miss C! The recital in December is going to be a hoot!

T: We were just doing our stretches!
T: I love to dance!

T: I do just what my teacher tells me to do! 

T: Hi dad!

T: My dress is sort of big!

T: I like to stay close to my teacher!

T: I was flying!

T: I jumped right over that pillow!

T: I was just checking what was under the parachute.  It was just feet. 

T: So I decided to come out. 

T: Then I decided to life the parachute high!
T: What do you mean sit down, we need to run and jump!

T: OK, I am ready to sit!

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