Friday, October 2, 2015

The end of summer fun pics... and more from our future fashionista!

These are all random photos from the final weeks of summer with a few from the first days of school mixed in.  T continues to wear her creative outfits.  They never match. They are never worn long.  We love her dearly!  She has THREE lavender tu-tus/dresses.  If you look carefully you can notice the difference.

T is now riding M's old bike that we got for T all along.  She is now pretty good at it, but it was a steep learning curve.  She refused to break and would go on the grass or use her shoes.  She totally destroyed these shoes which are now her "bike shoes."  She tires easily which means I am sometimes carrying her bike and her in the Ergo half way through the walk.  Just a little tidbit of news, T's bike weighs a pound MORE than Brandon's bike.  No Joke!

T: I learned to ride a bigger Princess Bike!!!!

Thankfully we have a park one block away where she can practice lots of stopping and starting on flat ground.
T: Here I go! 
T: I am starting to get the hang of this! 

Our garden exploded with tomatoes, in a good way.  I am thankful to be freezing them for the winter. The biggest surprise was the height of some of them.  The picture doesn't fully show the height as they were a bit droopy, but the tallest ones were taller than my 6'3 husband!  That is tall!

We grow big tomato plants around here! 

Ballet and Construction go hand and hand!  Love it! 

T: This bucket isn't working, but I can fix it. 

We spotted some men installing a sign post during one of our last walks of the summer.  The kids loved watching the men work.  The didn't stay back for too long.  They asked lots of questions.  They thanked the workers at the end, and the workers thanked us.  The truly enjoyed our children.  This makes me smile.  We live in a great community.  It also makes me think of my dad.  I am pretty sure he enjoyed a kid audience every once in a while too.

Checking things out! 
They needed a much closer look! 
Late in August, my "two sweet boys" nanny family came for the day.  It is such a joy to see these sweet boys grow to be big boys!  I had such fun cleaning up the kitchen and talking to E about school and life!  Their mom is so wise and lovely so I cherish my talks with Katie as well. We had fun with the boys at a local park!

T: Bounce higher A! 

M: I had no idea you could do this with that thing.  E is so creative! 

Another day, another creation!  
T: It is fun being at the park with you Daddy! 

The kids went upstairs to change clothes after church.  They were both in good moods and their monitors were on.  We waited for screams, but eventually we saw two kids in cozy winter PJ's enter our kitchen.  So sweet.  They wore them for two minutes so it is a good thing we took the pictures quickly!
So sweet! 

I love this shot because M looks so protective and loving in it! 

She never dresses up in one matching outfit.  Meet our future Princess, Football Player, Cowboy!

T: Now how do I look? 

Last winter we read about Cheerios changing to a gluten free line.  We think they might still have some kinks to work out in this.  M was SO EXCITED to have Cheerios for the first time.  Simple Joys!
M: I was taking my first bite. 

I was chewing it and thinking, "YUM." 

Back on her little bike and heading to the park.  T hoards all things.  This yard sign about weed control needed to become a bike decoration!  PJ pants and flip flops, Yes!

T: But I NEED it!

T: Aww, look at me go! 
Our great friends live just a few houses away.  They happened to have a basil plant that was very big this year.  They shared basil with us.  I often headed over there around dinner time.  T was a ballerina as usual and she INSISTED that I wear a pair of shoes she found in the closet.  Not the best for walking... I never wear stuff like this.  She was so proud.  Brandon came home from church and looked out the window to spot this.  What a blessed man he is!  :)

We are just a typical family!

We love the way T feels beautiful about her creations!  She felt very beautiful in this outfit!

I love this selfie!

Dressed and ready for adventure. 

My Bianche loving hubby after a nice ride! 

Church wears us all out!  We all want to cuddle with mommy.  This is pretty much how that looks!
M: Stop reading, I want to sleep.  T: Keep reading mommy!

Brandon and T go biking each Monday.  They always stop at a park a couple of towns away.  There is usually a daycare there.  One week the daycare kids were painting with squirt guns and they invited T to try.  She said yes of course!

T: First I did one color. 
T: Then I tried some other colors. 

T: My hands got a little bit of paint on them.  That's OK.  

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