Saturday, November 21, 2015

Great Neighbors!

We are blessed to live in a neighborhood with several young families.  We enjoy chatting with our neighbors and our kids enjoy playing together.  In the past have have shared many photos of our neighbors/friends S and T.  This family is so special to us.  They moved to our street (3 houses plus the church away) the day after we brought our T home from China.  S and T's mom is Chinese, so our street added two Chinese women the same week!  One year later the moved down the street and even closer to our house. Our friendship began quickly, but X (S and T's mom) and I became much closer friends through our church "huddle."  I should mention that we are not just neighbors, but we go to the same church as well. We started to spend more and more time together.  In the summer we often meet in our backyard or at the neighborhood park.  This fall we have been playing in our basement as well.  Today (like actually today since I am posting this "real time")we played at their house.  We usually spend time with them every Saturday after kid naps!  It is a treasured time for me. My kids are not always easy to get along with, but S and T seem to manage them OK and I am so very grateful for my time with X and for her friendship. S is right between M and T so she can play will with either of them.  When they are all together things get a little hard.  M loves Baby T which helps.  It is a joy to have them as great neighbors and great friends! 

T and S chatting, M kicking! 

T practicing his walking skills. (He has mastered them now) More chatting girls!

The boys are playing football together!

Three on the swing!

Everyone is happy!

And these photos from today... don't worry I will rewind and post seven other catch up posts as well, but these photos fit the neighbor theme.  Also, in case you noticed... M does indeed have a "Saturday outfit" that he wears each week after swimming lessons!  We like routine around here!

A focused game of Guess Who?

M is getting the hang of it!

Two Sweet Chinese Princesses! 

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