Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pumpkin Carving 2015

We carved pumpkins while Grandpa Tom and Grandma Judy were here this year.  It was wonderful to have them here to enjoy the carving and also to help in huge ways.  There are more pictures from their time here in a future post, but there were so many carving photos I decided they needed their own post!

M: First I had to draw the face that I wanted Grandpa Tom to cut.  

T: I drew a face on my pumpkin too. 

M: Grandpa Tom made a couple of minor revisions. 

M: It looked just the way I wanted it. 
T: Be careful Grandma Judy! 

T: Daddy, I am glad you are cutting the top off. 

M: It was hard to be patient while Daddy cut T's pumpkin. 

T's pumpkin.  You  can see her "face" drawing just below the opening. 

T: I just pull this stuff out!  Cool! 

T: Hey, I found some seeds! 

M: It feels pretty gooey in there. 

T: It is fun to reach way down in there. 

M: Look at all this! 

M: Great job cutting out the face Dad! 
My little sensory seeker fell in love with the pumpkin guts.  She kneaded them for a LONG time.  She sang "wash-a-ble" over and over again while she worked.  We have no idea why. 

T: This feels great!

T: Dad, can I just have the bowl? 

T: Washable, Washable, Washable. 

T: Washable, Washable, Washable.

Finally it was time to light the pumpkins.  The kids each got to blow out the candles 5 times!


M: Mine looks spooky!  T: Mine looks circles! 

Ready to blow out the candles! 

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