Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Flexible, Fun, Food and Festive

This is another random combination post.  There are pictures of a very flexible T. Brandon told her to lay her feet flat as a pancake and she did.  He was sure she would turn them to the side.  Nope, she laid them straight down.  It looks even more wild in person.

There is a photo of a girls' night at my friend Meghan's home.  It was such a fun night.  It was my very first ever time of going out late at night since having two kids.  I put M to bed first and then went.  Such a fun night.  I was there until well after 11:00.

There is a photo of our family eating with M at school.  He got to host us at lunch during his "Super Hero" week.  The kids were all very chatty.  One asked Brandon what he did.  Brandon told him that he "helps people grow closer to God."  The kid looked at him strange and said, "grow?"  Too funny.  Apparently Brandon can help people grow... so why are our kids not taller, huh?

The last photo show T in her new "Elsa Dress" from Brandon's Aunt V.  She wore it to school the day after it came in the mail.  She loves it.  She has never seen Frozen, but knows who Elsa is and was so proud to show her friends.

T: This is as flat as they go. 
T: My toes are tickling my ears!

A great night with great friends and sweet Baby A. 

Eating lunch with our favorite Kindergartener. 

T: Now I really am a princess!!!

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