Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Games, Yes Please!

Each year our "Friday Night Group" has a Christmas party.  In the past we have done gift exchanges. This usually leads to at least one child crying about their gift.  This year we decided to do games instead.  I went to Pinterest to find some great ideas.  I modified a few of them and came up with a couple of my own.  We did still have one crying kid, but it was one of mine that needs to win and tears are to be expected.

We had a smaller group this year, but we had so much fun.  The kids really got into a Christmas version of charades/pictionary game. T always said her answer out loud and then would be so surprised when someone guessed it.  Too cute!  It was fun to play games that kids and adults could enjoy together.  I didn't get any pictures from this, but just imagine funny kids.

We are so thankful that we get to do live and ministry with these awesome families.

The first game was the plate drawing game.  One woman had an incredible picture.  I think it was better than what I could have done if I was looking at the plate while drawing.

Everyone was focused.  M is trying to cheat. 
Checking out their masterpieces! 
Next we divided into teams for "minute to win it" type games.  We usually had two or three minutes per game.  The first game was human snowmen. Both snowmen turned out great!

M in progress!

M complete!

The two great snowmen!
The next game was balancing ornaments on a ruler which is balanced on a paper towel tube.  Pinterest had the yard stick painted, but I decided to skip that step.  Now I know why they did it.  With the numbers showing it is very easy to balance things.  Oh well!

Greg had a steady hand!

Their team was victorious!
There might have been a game we didn't have photos of, but one of the next games was decorating the string with ornaments with a partner and without hands or teeth.  One team's foot strategy was slow going.  The other team used wrists with much more success.  Each team had great cheering from their team and unhelpful suggestions from opponents.

The foot strategy.  Why yes, T did decided to put on a new summer dress!
The wrist strategy!
The final game was team wrapping.  You and a partner can each use one hand while having the other hand wrapped around the partner.  It was fun to watch.  Both teams did a great job on this.

Two great teems with to sort of nicely wrapped gifts. 
We had lots of snacks and lots of fun!  Some Christmas parties are filled with fancy clothes and fancy food and fancy dishes.  Ours was snacks, and paper plates in the basement... and I loved it!

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