Thursday, February 11, 2016

Winter Cuties

This is an extremely random collection of photos from early January.  Most of them have their own story to tell!

T: J and I are sleeping in bunk beds in the nursery at church!  We keep the awesome workers on their toes!
Each week at iGnite the kids have a theme.  T usually avoids the theme and dresses as a princess.  She was VERY excited for "Royalty Night" because that meant she could dress like a princess and get a token for it! 
My favorite Royals!
M: I was shocked by how "royal" we looked!
Seeing my son read to my daughter fills my heart with deep joy. 

M got a lot of Baseball gear for Christmas.  He looked extra sporty doing some practice swings in the front room.
M: I am ready for Summer!
M: Look, I even have a base!
T got A LOT of crafting things for Christmas.  She is "busy" with "projects" most of the time, but especially whenever we ask her to do something. Her creative juices usually cause her projects to spread all across the kitchen floor!
T: I know it will take a while for the glitter glue to dry, but isn't it awesome!
Sometimes the kids work on big "projects" in the work room.  I have no idea what is going on here, but it does appear they are working together.  I love that M is wearing PJ's and T is wearing her favorite swimming suit.

T: OK M, give it your best shot!
M and his 4th Grade Pal made a gingerbread house.  It was falling apart and we wanted to get a good photo of it before we tossed it.  M very carefully directed T not to eat the "frosting" as it is part glue.  I did catch her nibbling at least three times.  Oh T!

M: It was so much fun to make this with my buddy B!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Snow Friends!

Well hello friends, it ha been a while.  M has had some sickness here making for a lot of sleepless nights for him and for me.  He is finally on the mend and I am able to get back to blogging again.  I realized I still have two posts of photos from Christmas time to put up... better late than never!

We finally got about an inch of fresh snow yesterday.  We have had very few snows this winter.  It is lovely to see everything fresh and white again.

As I mentioned in the Christmas post, we had Charissa and her kids over to sled and play on New Years Eve.  The boys didn't last too long outside.  They were blazing the trail in the fresh snow and getting a sledding hill to be successful is hard for kids this age.  The big boys were also caring for J (while we watched from the window).  They did a very good just with him!

 A couple days later our neighbor S came over and brought her big tube.  Brandon was outside with the kids and they all had a great time.  They were able to stay outside for quite some time.  I was impressed.

M: This is a lot of work!  Do you like the sled J? 

T: The girls hung out inside.  Did you know I used to fit into the clothes that A is wearing?

M and T: Give us a big push Daddy!

M and T:  We went really fast!

T: Let's race up the hill.  M: Wait for me T. 
T: I loved my goggles so much I wanted to try them in the snow.  It turns out they don't work that great. 

The Sledders!

T: Do you see me Daddy? 

T: Don't pick up the tube Daddy, I want it on top of me.

T: This sled goes fast and I can carry it up the hill in my teeth.

M: We decided to make a jump at the start of the hill!