Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mexico Vacation in Photos!

I wrote all about our incredible trip to Mexico HERE.  This post will mainly just be pictures, but if you want to know details about the trip, please check out the link. You can see pictures of our kids week at home in the post directly below this post. 

T: I decided to wear one of Mommy's shirts (tied in the back) so I could feel her close to me when she went to Mex-co
We decided to do sort of a "Flat Stanley" thing with the kids photos.  We took their school pics and taped them to paint stir sticks.  We took the kids pics with us to Mexico and had fun posing them different places.  The pictures might not be that interesting to blog readers, but our kids loved them!

The kids faces covering up their actual faces.  A little creepy. 
Side by side!
This flag at the airport will always remind us of coming home with our kids.  We knew we needed a picture there. 
Not posed!  Motion sickness meds cause me to sleep every minute we are in the air.  Travel goes so quickly!
Next stop, Puerto Vallarta!
Can you tell the kids requested lots of airplane photos?!
We had our own soaker pool on our balcony.  I couldn't wait to try it out.  
I thought the kids would like it too!
As much as I tried I just couldn't sleep in.  I was able to see the sunrise over the mountains one morning.  I am not a photographer so I didn't know what to do with the settings.  It was much prettier, but you get the idea.
The view from our balcony. 
Lovely Sunrise
We thought T would appreciate this.  She did. 
One of the MANY pool areas. 
The view getting off the elevator on our floor. 
Every night was saw incredible light shows from our room.  They had invisible screen type things so there were images to see, but capturing them with a camera is hard.  The sound and lights were lovely.  I enjoyed them each time.
A peacock.
A bird in flight.
Light show.

Brandon's favorite spot was in the shade!

My favorite spot was in these water lounges.  The water was so warm it was like soaking in the tub.  Ironically I bought 5 swimsuits with me and every picture of me is in the same suit.  Funny!

We tried to get an iguana photo for M but we missed it.  This picture was the closest thing. 

More pool loveliness.
The start of the lazy river. 
There were lots of tiny pools within the bigger pools for families with little kids.  You can also see the water lounges I loved so much.

The beach was fun, but sand was hot.  

The waiters were talented.  They actually used these with trays full of food.  We never managed to capture a photo of them though. 

Lovely lazy river. 
Our view.
The entrance to our resort.  Can you see me way at the bottom.  These guys were HUGE. 
Even the toes were huge. 
One day we just had some fun with the kids pictures!

Playing hide and seek.

Ready for dinner
Going for a wagon ride.
With a pretty lady. 
The back side of the waterslide. 
I knew T would like this dress.  She loved it and wants me to wear it every day!
Our room. 
Our kitchen. 
Lovely sunset. 
Beautiful views. 
Together in paradise. 
Brandon enjoyed a late night snack!
One more light show shot. 
We had to dry biking clothes creatively. 
Beautiful Puerto Vallarta. 
The Ocean!
We got a little too close to this guy!
Brandon loved the purse holder. 
It was a beautiful night. 
The food was INCREDIBLE!
We wished T could have seen the dancers. 
The sun was beginning to set after dinner. 
Looking back at the place we ate.
Gone!  So lovely!
And an artistic shot!
Everything you see is part of our resort!  It was huge!
The sand bar that was "way out in the ocean" suddenly was dry land.  A very cool feeling to walk out there. 
Fancy Girl and Fancy Zebra. 
A beautiful sunrise over the mountains as we left Puerto Vallarta.  

We had a WONDERFUL week.  I hope we can make another trip back there one day... maybe soon!

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