Sunday, April 10, 2016


Someday I will write a post about T at age four.  She is such a fun busy girl.  This post will just feature the events of her actual Birthday and the days before it. 

After the friends left the "Bridal" party T got to open her presents from all the grand parents, her cousin, my aunt and uncle etc. Brandon's parents sent gifts in the mail.  

T: I LOVED my princess sticker book!
T: Now I really look like a gymnast!
T: Everyone wanted to play with my magnatiles!  (They are still quite a hit)
My parents left the morning of the 15th.

M: Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Daryl watched me get on the bus. 
T: I wanted a picture too.  I wasn't wearing clothes so I covered up with Tired. 
Finally Tuesday came and it was T's Birthday.  She enjoyed four pancakes for breakfast. She had big plans of what she wanted to wear to school.  We did need to compromise a bit.

T:  I am four FOR REAL!
T:  I felt very fancy on my Birthday! 
T: We celebrated my Birthday at school (another batch of cupcakes) and I got this crown!

One thing I have to share about T is her "Can I do ________ on my Birthday?" and "Can I have __________ for my Birthday?" questions.  For about 10 months before her Birthday she was asking for 100's of things for her Birthday.  One time at a shopping trip to Kohl's she asked for several hundred things in one setting.  We started to just say yes to her questions.  A couple of weeks before her Birthday I began to panic.  I was worried she would be so let down by her actual Birthday gifts.  I asked her what she really wanted for her Birthday and she said "I want a Mexican Dancing Dress and a swimsuit like yours."  Thanks to Amazon I was able to get both!  We also got many gifts from Dollar Tree.  I even wrapped up some of my old toys to pass on to her.  She was THRILLED to walk into the family room after school and see all of her gifts!

T: I couldn't wait to open them!
My fears quickly left.  The faces below show how thrilled she was with each gift!

T: Thanks Rose and Jeff!
T: Yahoo!
T: Check out my shoes!
T: the HAIR!!!!
T: New squeaky shoes!
T: Barbie clothes!
T: I really wanted Princess paper!
T: I want to spin Mommy... Hurry!
T: Here I go!
T: It twirls really well!
After lunch and nap T got to open even more gifts with M came home.  He got some 1/2 Birthday gifts as well.  We went out to dinner with Curt and Deb.  T was pretty wound up.  It was quite stressful. She took of much of her clothes throughout the meal.  She got in and out of her seat.  She went up to a baby in a carseat and shook the seat.  We got lots of looks.  We learned A LOT.  She now  sits between adults and/or next to a wall if possible.  We talk about the rules before we go.  We talk about our order before we sit down.  We ask for the bill when the food comes.  We are much more proactive.
T: Everyone was calling me (on her pretend phone) to say Happy Birthday!
The girls!
M: I took this picture of Daddy and Curt!

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