Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Say What?! Hilarious Kid Quotes

The last "Say What?" post was only a couple of months ago, but the post it notes are adding up so I decided it was time for another funny post. It is a foggy/rainy day here.  Hopefully this post will bring a smile to your face on a gloomy day!

I breaks my heart a little bit that I only have one M quote this time. He is getting older.

M: I am an empire (umpire).

At Christmas time T loved to say...
T: Stop that or you will get a lump of cold.

T: I’m quick as a squeak.

T: I’m glad I’m wearing a hat because I have little blood things and the heat could make them cold.

T to Brandon: You can be a teenager (in the game the were playing) because you are thirty-and-a half.

T: We’re playing “Funky in the middle.” (maybe a variation of Monkey in the middle)

T has been really in to comparing things she loves to her lack of love for Satan.  Yes, it is a bit bizarre.

B: I love you
T: I love you too.  I love you more than Satan.
B: Oh.  Thanks.
T: I love God most of all.
B: That’s good
T: I love you more than a zillion suns
B: A zillion suns?
T: Yep.

T: It is good that we love God and Santa, not Satan.

T: (about Satan) “Yeah, he’s stub-er-an”  (Stubborn is the meanest swear word there is according to T.)

T while writing her entire alphabet for the first time:
So there are two N’s right?  W-X-Y-N-Z.  (I died laughing)

T (talking about her Microtia ear): It’s a baby ear, like little Jesus.

T: Have you ever seen a two-eyed monster?
Me: I don’t think I have ever seen any monster.
T: Well I’ve seen a two-eyed monster.  He had six eyes.

T: Remember a long time ago when we saw a stray cat?
Me: I’m not sure.
T: Well when I get big I am going to have a cat named “Stray” because nobody names their cat Stray.

T: At S’s house there was a wood tick that drank our blood, even God’s blood.
Me: I didn’t know God had blood.
T: Blood in a cup.
Me: Like communion?
T: Yeah.

T: I want Chemo for supper (Kima)

T: I have a hot heart.
Me: What?
T: My heart is a machine.
Me: What does it do?
T: It changes food into poo and pee.

T (after hearing others talk about the Blue Angels): What are the Blue Angels? (pause) Are they blue? (pause) Oh, are they Away in a Manger?

T: I want “Grilled Munch” for breakfast.  (Gorilla Munch cereal)

T was telling us about how surprised she was to see M after her nap.  T: I thought it was Jesus, but it was M.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Dumpling Love

It is no secret that T loves Chinese dumplings and potstickers. She can eat as many as an adult.  We have had some potstickers in our freezer for quite some time, so one night Brandon and T decided to make them.  M was on a playdate so T had all of our attention.  We decided that they are a lot of work to prepare... and a bit stressful for me as it felt like there was gluten everywhere.  

T ate SO MANY potstickers for dinner that night.  She then went on to have them for breakfast and lunch the next day.  That afternoon she had a playdate with S.  S's family actually makes the actual poststickers  and dumplings and she was treated to fresh ones there and then brought more home for dinner.  She was totally full of them... and loving every bite!!

T: I can help you Dad!
T: We were working hard. 
T: We decided to make two pans of them. 
T: I just can't stop eating!
T: I woke up the next day and wanted more!

T: I sure am glad that S's family made me dumplings that afternoon! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Model T

Last month T was given the chance to do some modeling for a local store.  She got to wear some of the fun clothes that are sold at a local shop.  She had so much just with all the different outfits.  As a reward, she got to wear a fun dress and jewelry at the end of the photo shoot.  I just decided to include almost every shot so she can look back on them later.  I decided not to caption them.  Our dear friend Becky is such a talented photographer. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

M's Creations

T isn't the only creative kid in our home.  M is also very creative.  He has started to enjoy a variety of art type of things as well as designing things with Magnatiles and creating a car race. 

M was the student of the week last month.  Brandon and T helped him create the poster.  M LOVED trimming the photos.  They all really enjoyed the project and it is a fun poster for M to have in his room. 

M: I made a castle!
M: This is my car race. I thought for a long time about where each car should go. 

M: I think we can trim that one a little bit. 

M: Looking at the photos and making the poster was really fun!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

T's Creations

T is such an artist.  She is often found at her desk creating something.  She never stops moving and when she is at her desk the creative juices flow.  She also loves to write words and asks us "How do you spell...?" all the time. 

T: I was just busy working at my desk. 

T: Do you all like my rainbow canoe? 

T: This is my first time ever writing my whole alphabet with just a little help on K and Y.

T loves to give away her creations after church each week.  She actually gave away her ABC's but I saw who got them and he gave them back to us later.  She is so generous with her art work.

T: This is my boat.  Do you like my dress? Mommy wore it when she was little. 

T: This is the other side.  It shows the people in my boat. 

T: I colored this whole picture by myself. 

Glad we took a picture as this one was given away too. 

Monday, February 20, 2017


 On January 21st the country was pretty fixated on the inauguration of President Trump, but we didn't spend time watching TV that day.  M, T, and I headed to Children's hospital for T's big day.  T has been meeting with audiologists at Children's for her entire American life.  We realized it was time to try a hearing aid.  Because T has very little hearing on her right side she has an impossible time localizing sound.  She has a host of other challenges that we think might be helped with her hearing aid.  Because she lacks an ear canal, her hearing aid is a different style.  She wears a soft band (like a headband) and the hearing aid attaches to it.  The sound is actually transmitted by her bone and she is able to hear in surround sound!  It is AMAZING!  We often call it her BAHA which stands for bone anchored hearing aid.  As she gets older she has the option of having it truly anchored to her bone instead of wearing the soft band. 

It is taking some time to get used to it.  As you can see in the photos, her hair was up the day she received the BAHA.  After the initial day we had a hard time with the BAHA because it was creating so much feedback all the time.  T called it her "neurofeedback" which cracked us up. We ended up making a second trip to Children's two weeks later and learned that instead of wearing it with the hearing aid below her ear, she can wear it with the hearing aid on her temple.  Wow!  What a difference.  Now she has no feedback.  

Last week T wore her BAHA as school for the first time.  I came in and taught the class about it.  They were all very excited for T.  Little ones are so precious. Today she wore her BAHA all day at school (3 hours).  We were so very proud of her! 

T chose the pink head band which makes sense since her favorite color is pink.  We will probably get her a black one as well.  

Now for the events of BAHA day in photos!
T: It sounded like I had a new voice. 

The picture below makes me teary.  This hearing test was done on her right side.  She was dropping toys in the bucket when her heard on her RIGHT side.  It is just amazing.
T: I was dropping toys in the bucket when I heard on my little ear side. 
T: It was pretty wild to hear everything.  
After leaving the office we went down to the main hospital lobby to say hello to the fish.
T: I see Nemo.  M: I see Dory!

After leaving the hospital we made a stop at Meijer for some treats and a ride on one penny Sandy.  T is a Sandy lover, M will probably opt out from now one.
T: Yee Haw!
M: Sandy went pretty slow. 
After Meijer we went to a library in a different community.  It was way past lunch time when we got home, but the kids had a very fun and eventful morning.  We are very hopeful that using the BAHA will give T awareness of many things she didn't notice before.  We are so thankful for technology that allows her to hear through her bone.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Boggle, Barbies, and Broken Nativities (and a few other things too)

This post is a big mix of January pictures that didn't quite fit with other posts.  Each photo tells a story.  

M got this football goal for Christmas and has had fun using it in the basement. It is six feet tall.  We are blessed to have lots of room in the basement to store fun toys like this. 

M: It is through!
Each morning while eating breakfast I enjoy reading my Bible.  Sometimes T joins me and I read out loud.  She asks a lot of good questions.  I love this photo because she was really concentrating.
T:  This is interesting mom.  Interesting and very confusing!

T: I had a Barbie store set up for quite a while.  I love to play store and play with Barbies. 
These two are best buddies!

One Sunday afternoon I decided to teach M Boggle.  We let him have more than three minutes.  He loved it!  I think he will dominate in a few years!

M: At first it was sort of hard to find the words. 

M:  Do you think I found all of them?

M: That is my list.  I found a lot of words!
The kids got new tooth brushes for Christmas.  We love them because they have a flashing light to encourage the kids to keep brushing.  T loves the suction cup.
T: This looked like a good place to store the brushes of the night. 
We continue to have rages around here.  This rage resulted in a nativity being thrown and Joseph's head breaking off.  We took down the decorations the following day.  I packed the nativity away just like this.  I will have to deal with it next year!

A sign that Christmas is over. 

T loves the arts!  She is a gifted drawer and also song writer. Sure surely looks the part!

T: Are you ready for my concert? 

T: I love to make up my own songs. 
M was pretty proud of the gingerbread train he made at school.  We realized we needed to take a picture before it got tossed.  He had a lot of fun making it.

M: I loved that train.  I even made a heart on the hood. 

T: I have so much fun at S's house for playdates (most of the time anyway)!

T: Take a picture of my new trick!

T: I wanted mommy to do my hair just like this!