Friday, March 10, 2017

A Whole Hand - My Baby Girl is FIVE!

I am sitting here in complete disbelief and denial.  My baby girl is FIVE!  How did this happen?  The days are long, but wow do the years fly!  I just can't believe that she has been home for over four years.  She continues to have enough personality for five little girls... and enough energy too!  She was nicknamed "Girl on the go" when she was one and she has not slowed down a bit. 

At age five T continues to be obsessed with all things fancy.  She loves to use the work "pazazz " whenever possible.  She is constantly saying, "that's my style" referring to fancy things and "that's not my style" referring to sensible  plain things. I am sure you can guess which girl in the family is less into things with pazazz.  Haha.  

T LOVES art!  She sits at her desk, on the floor, in her room, in the family room, where ever she is and creates something.  She has a unique eye for art.  It will be exciting to see where this will lead her in the future. 

T loves talking about crushes and boys.  She often laments to me, "I just don't know who I am going to marry."  Oh dear, what will the teen years be like!  She is always on the pretend phone with her boyfriend. 

T loves books and is a great pre-reader.  She spells everything she sees and asks, "What does A*R*B*Y*S spell?"  It is super endearing, but I have referred to it as the "Why stage part two" because the questions never end.  It is amazing to think of all that her brain is processing. 

T has had a GREAT semester at the local University's OT department.  Occupational Therapy seems to be a great option for her.  She continues to practice body awareness and personal space.  We have a long ways to go, but we do believe she is learning and retaining some of it. 

T loves her school.  Everyone in her class is her best friend and her teachers rock.  We feel so blessed that she is where she is! 

T is getting used to her BAHA.  She is now able to wear it 7+ hours a day!  Yahoo!

She is a Daddy's girl.  She loves her dates with Brandon and all the special time they share on Monday's. 

She loves to play in her room.  She plays family, store, car trip, parade and much more.  I am usually her teenager.  She often tells others, "My kids kept me up last night."  She has many elaborate stories about her kids. 

She still loves to snuggle.  I am so thankful for our morning cuddles.  

She LOVES "tired" and her thumb!  Maybe this will be the year we kick the habit, but I am not counting on it. 

She enjoys keeping treasures and trinkets and sleeping with them, right on the bed with her.  Her bed usually has just enough room for her surrounded by all her stuff. 

She loves to eat!  She can still put away more food than seems possible.  She is under 30 pounds so we are not sure where it goes. 

She bounces, skips, runs, jumps, squeals, whooshes her way through life.  I am so excited to see how she will blossom this year!  I am so very thankful and blessed to be her Forever Mom!

And now for the actual events of her Birthday...

She woke up early and was very eager to open gifts. She has been thinking about turning 5 since about 2 weeks after turning 4.  She continued her trend of previous years asking for every single thing in every store for her Birthday.  For T it is quantity over quality when it comes to gifts.  She wants big piles of presents!  She takes delight in every gift no matter the cost.  She got MANY hand me down gifts this year and she was so grateful for every one.  

T: I am a WHOLE HAND!!!!!!!!
M was still home and wanted to open his half Birthday gifts.  He was excited about a magic set though the directions are extremely complicated. 

M: I am glad to have a few gifts. 
Once M went to school we let T have at it with all of her gifts.  I know it looks like a crazy lot of gifts, but many packages just held one hair clip which we were given my someone who outgrew them. 

T: This is great!

T: I have wanted this blanket for an entire year!!!!

T: My own Barbie Car!  Look at all this room to put stuff!

T: I got lots of Barbie stuff!  I tried to load some of it into my car.

I joined T at school so she could show her BAHA to her class.  She was as precious as can be as she explained, "So, some people have little ears and they need BAHA's to hear better."  My heart melted. Her classmates were in awe of her little box.  What a blessing to be a part of it.  I also brought T's pink cupcakes to share with the class. 

The weather on T's Birthday and the days following was incredible.  It felt like a taste of summer in mid-February.  We kept telling her that this may never happen again on her Birthday.  She is a summer girl for sure so it was her perfectly ordered day!

After school there were more presents to open.  She was fascinated by this tile rubbing thing.  There were all the rage in the 80's and I was able to find one at a craft store.  She couldn't wait to try it out.
T: First you have to decide what you want the girl to look like. 

T: Then you put the paper in. 

T: Then you rub over the paper and you make a special fancy girl. 

T: This horse barn came in the mail!
We went to our favorite restaurant for dinner!  We were so thankful that Curt and Deb, the kids local Grandparents, were able to join us!  They both did very well and it was an enjoyable meal.

T: Curt had some special Birthday jokes!

T: I loved when they sang to me and let me wear this fancy hat!

T: They wrote me a message. 

T: The cake had dairy, but I got to eat the writing!

T: I sure love these ladies!
It was a special day for our special girl!

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