Sunday, March 12, 2017

Birthday Weekend Fun!

T didn't know it, but her Birthday celebrating was far from over when her actual Birthday ended!  My parents came the following afternoon.  The kids were SO EXCITED to see them.  

Grandma and Grandpa came bearing presents.  We didn't get any good shots of T showing her gifts, but her favorite was a basket that my mom made for her bike.  T is currently using it to hold craft supplies in her room.  She sure loves baskets. 

T: I love fancy presents.  I am wearing the necklace I just opened. 
M got a couple of very thoughtful 1/2 Birthday gifts as well.  He got a joke book and an indoor soccer ball thing.  He devoured the joke book that weekend.  It was pretty cute to hear him sharing jokes.  He didn't actually get them many times so we had to explain why they were funny.  So much to learn.

M: Hey everyone, listen to this one.

M: I wondered how this would work.  It just glides on the carpet. 

On Saturday morning the girls worked on T's pink strawberry cake.  We used the same recipe I enjoyed growing up but modified it to be gluten and dairy free.  It was so much fun to smell the smell of my childhood Birthdays. 

T: Grandma Kathy and I were working really hard. 
T: We made the eggs get really fancy. 
T: I can't wait to eat these!!!

After an early lunch we headed to the bowling alley.  The kids had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa in January that they wanted to go again on this visit.  They also filled their reward jar and chose this activity.  This time we were able to get two lanes and the special dinosaur guy so that bowling would be easier for T.

M: First we have to enter in our names. 
T: I liked trying out all the balls. 
T: Here I go!!!

T: Sometimes it takes a while so I just rest on the dinosaur. 
I  helped her carry the ball out to the dinosaur and get it going.  At the end of our time there T did it herself.
T: I did it all by myself!
M doesn't use the dinosaur and he really enjoys bowling.  He moves pretty fast.

M: Bowling is pretty intense.
A rare family photo... the kids told us they were going to pose like they were about to bowl.  I guess T is really taking things seriously!

The Bowlers... wait a minute Grandma and Grandpa were with us too!
After bowling Brandon and M did some car racing while T put her coins into random machines and wound up with one rubber duck and a lot of skittles.  It is fun to see Brandon and M enjoy the car racing.  They both get pretty into it and drive very fast.
Check out those speeds!
This face...
Wait... this face too!
After bowling I got things ready for the party and my parents spent quality time with the kids.  Yes, M is wearing shorts because it was "so hot" that day.  It was in the 60's which is indeed warm for February!

M: Grandpa Daryl really liked that one!
T: Grandma and I did our stretches. 

M: I can't believe I am wearing shorts in February!
We had a couple of families come over for cake.  T kept switching what she wanted to do so we actually confirmed things with one family that morning.  It was T's style for sure.  Lots of pink and lots of sugar!

The first graders.

Sweet little A

A Beautiful Birthday Girl!

We love you so much T!

T: I just couldn't wait to blow out the candles!

T: It took a long time to get them all out!

T: I had a big piece, but it all fit on my fork!

Happy cake eating kids!

After the party we had tasty grilled food and watermelon!  It felt like a summer night in the middle of winter!
T: Grandma Kathy is a great reader!
T: Grandma was my daughter and I made a nest for her. 
My parents left on Sunday morning.  We went to class and church and then had a quick lunch. After lunch we went to an amazing production of Sound of Music and then raced home for the new member class (at church).  It was a full and wonderful Birthday weekend!

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