Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Windows, Snowballs, Football, and Yahtzee

... and a few other things too.  These photos are a good mix of things that happened in February.

T: I wanted everyone to know that I love my Grandma!
I am so glad that Brandon got the photos below.  Every time we get a snow my heart smiles as I walk past the elementary school playground.  The kids work so hard to make large snowballs.  Maybe they are considering making snowmen, but get tired.  I am not sure what happens, but whole area is filled with these big guys.  M said sometimes 7 kids will roll a ball together.  What a great workout!

My view as I walk.

Zoomed in so you can see just how big they are.
M loves to read and he loves football.  He came up with a plan to look at the final season w-l records and sort his helmets accordingly.  I can't remember exactly what his system was, but he was very focused.
M: So the ones on the left side of the picture have a better record than the ones on the right side. 
T's room changes every single day.  She had a very cool fort over her big bed for a couple of days.  The fitted sheet was the perfect roof.  She sure does love small confined spaces.

T: This was a very cozy bed!
I mentioned earlier that T is loving her OT this semester.  She can't wait for her Monday dates with these lovely women.

T: My OT friends are so fun and so pretty!
M has really gotten into Yahtzee!  He isn't too thrilled when he loses, but he eventually tolerates it.  He had the game of his life so we had to document it.  He got Yahtzee three times for a total score of over 400!

M: I had the best game EVER!
T: I LOVE playdates that involves Chinese food!

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