Friday, June 2, 2017

A great morning with Dad!

April Fool's Day - a day filled with bad kid jokes as I am sure you can imagine.  It was also a great day for Dad and kid activities.  I am so thankful for their special times together.  While Brandon works on Saturday afternoons and evenings he is still able to create great memories with the kids on Saturday mornings. After M finished swimming lessons they headed to Home Depot for another project day. They made super cute bunny baskets.  The kids have such a great time there.  
M: I love to use the hammer. 

T: Hold still dad!

M: This is actually pretty relaxing. 
After the project the kids decided to check on the Lake.  It was still very cold.  Do not be fooled by T's clothes.
M: It was a great lake and snack day!
T: Hey my basket turned at the last second... well maybe I was spinning it. 
T: There, that is better. 
After showing me their baskets they decided to do a little climbing before lunch. They are wearing jackets!  Mommy victory!

M: This is the best climbing tree ever. 
T: I just like to hang out. 

M: I can actually climb pretty high now. 

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