Sunday, June 4, 2017

A party, a good-bye and a shoe store.

The day after T's concert M got to go to a very special Birthday party for a great friend and classmate.   They baked bread and decorated cookies.  I sent some cookies along for M to eat and he came home with some very special treats for Daddy.  

M:  This dough feels pretty strange. 

M: Maybe I will be a bread baker some day. 

Later that week we had to say good bye to our beloved bus driver Miss Cheryl.  She retired from bus driving so she could take care of her new grand child.  We love that she gets to do this, but we miss her so much.  She has been M's only bus driver since Early Childhood.  We gave her board books to read to her grand child as a good-bye present.

M and T:  We sure love Miss Cheryl.

The following day T called me up to her room to check out her shoe store.  I love her creativity with the boots.  She is "really into fashion" as she says. All these shoes and she only wears a couple of pairs that don't fit.  I clearly don't get fashion.

T: Who wants to come to my shoe store? 

Are you tired of Brandon and T date night selfies?  Well, M might be when he looks at this.  He and I do special things too, but I am not one to ever take photos so they are more in my heart.  I love seeing photos of our kids with Brandon since he is usually the one behind the camera.  I am thankful for each date night shot I see... so the photos will continue. 

T: Yum!  Roast Beef! 

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