Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bling, Maps, OT, Cat, Toe!

This is going to be quite the random post! 
Perhaps T isn't the only one who loves rings!  Nice fingers Brandon!

One morning T decided to draw some maps.  She also drew some constellations.  Man I wish I would have blogged about this sooner because she had some brilliant commentary about things that I have forgotten.  Click on pics to zoom in and read more easily. 
T: I am making some views of space. 

Do you like my map? 

We had such a great semester of OT at an area University.  We are so grateful for this service and we know T benefited in deep ways from her time there.

T: My great OT's

The OT's gave each child a balance board at the end of the semester.  Amazing. 

A friend gave T some fun new costumes and she LOVED this cat suit even though it is MUCH TOO a bit big.  I have a feeling it might make a Halloween appearance at some point.

T: First I was a happy kitty!

T: Now I am growling.  Are you afraid? 

Sometimes our family room floor is filled with Magnatile creations and books.  Messes happen.  Brandon was flying T into the family room and was losing control and wanted to protect T from falling onto toys, but ended up really hurting his big toe badly.  I include these photos because... kids are dangerous.

Ouch part one

Ouch part two

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