Monday, June 5, 2017

Celebrating Easter a week early (Spring Break Part One)

Our kids have Spring Break each year during the week before Easter.  If you know me well you know that I like to keep my kids programmed as much as possible during breaks.  They need time out of the house with instruction, structure, and other people.  Our vacation started just the way I love it. 

On Friday evening we told the kids that we had exciting news!  Great Grandma B, Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Daryl, Uncle Bret and cousin A were on their way to our town!  They were beside themselves with joy.  They got even more excited when we told them that they were all staying at a hotel with a pool and the kids could swim there that night!  After dinner we went over to the hotel and met up with them for some swim time.  I had to scoot out for a church event, but I know that they all had a great time in the pool. 

On Saturday morning everyone was up early and at our house before our kids were out of their PJ's.  They had a bit of time to play and then we started in on our day of fun.  M went to swimming lessons with some of the adults while Grandma B, Bret and I went to a special Easter morning for kids with the girls. M was able to join in the fun as soon as his lessons were over.  The kids had so much fun making Easter crafts, hunting for eggs, eating snacks, and getting prizes.  The event wasn't very well attended so we scored some extra trinkets which one member of my family was especially excited about! 

Great Grandma was so happy to be with her three Greats!
T: I made a bird nest and little eggs.  I couldn't eat them, but I could drink the juice!


Puzzles.  A is very good at puzzles!

T: I LOVED doing all the crafts!
It was finally time for the egg hunt!
T: I found one!

M: Hold the bag open mom.  I have a lot. 

After all the fun at the Easter event we came home and had lots of fun playing outside.  It was chilly out, but warm for our area in the spring.  Grandma and I got food ready in the house.  The troops were getting hungry so we sent out some apples and peanut butter which were a hit.  After a snack they were ready for chalk, bubbles, and balloons.  So much fun!

I LOVE this photo!!!

M: I can't believe that Uncle Bret is here.  I love him so much!

T: Everything is upside down!

T: A is so big and fun now.  We can even swing together. 
More swinging fun. 
M: I played ball with A.  

M: We were SUPER hungry!

T: Thanks for helping me Uncle Bret. 

T: I was coming up with a plan.  Do you like my soccer cleats?  They work with the outfit!

T: These punching balloons were pretty wild. 
After lots of outdoor play and a big lunch of tasty grilled food we headed south for an Occupational Therapy experience.  I had already signed my kids up and A joined right in.  M got to use one of those fun floor scooters with the handle bars that he has always wanted to try.  The kids were all thrilled that they were able to get a gift card for their hard work!  T recently used hers on an 8 in 1 pen, sun glasses, and an 8 pack of Frozen nail polish!  While Bret and I had the kids at the event, Brandon and my parents and grandma drove around and got to check out our beautiful Lake.

A great Lake Day!

Uncle Bret's fan club!

After our time at OT the fun didn't stop.  We headed home to change into swim clothes and went back for another round of swimming.  The kids had so much fun.  I opted out of swimming.  I heard the water was cold and it just didn't sound fun to me.  I truly enjoyed watching the kids laugh and play together. 
M: The hot tub was a little too hot, but I got used to it eventually.

T: We loved the hot tub!

More hot tub. 

M and T: Even though the pool was cold, we sure had fun with Uncle Bret and Daddy! 

I love the way Grandma is looking at M. 

The whole crew in what was obviously their favorite place.  

After swimming we came home and I got some dinner ready and the family came over after they were cleaned and changed.  We had a quick meal together and it was time to say good-bye.  The weekend went very fast and was very full, but I know we were all thankful for the hours we spent with family!

M and T:  We sure love Uncle Bret.  We were sad to say good bye! 

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