Monday, June 12, 2017

Construction Zone

As I write this post we are still under construction.  These pictures are all from quite a while ago as you can tell from the lack of leaves on the trees, but the view of dump trucks and excavators continues.  They are not as thrilling as they were two summers ago, but the kids still like to watch from time to time.  We have currently not had access to our garage for about 10 days. Throughout the process our driveway has been blocked at some point most days, but the reopened in the evening.  Because they are working on curbs, gutters, sidewalks etc we truly can't get in or out right now.  I am due for a grocery store run soon, but not looking forward to the walk from the church parking lot.  

M and T: Construction work is always fun to wake up to!

I guess the cars are stuck in the garage today!

T: Why stand and watch when you can just drag a rocking chair into the doorway. 

Another day, another driveway obstacle.  Good thing we can both commute to work on foot!

M: I think we are getting a new water line today. 

Working on the new water line.  

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